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TravelBloggers.ca Ventures to Instagram

TravelBloggers.ca on Instagram

After long-debating the idea of venturing to Instagram with TravelBloggers.ca, we’ve decided to take the plunge.

Why would we hesitate? Well, while we know anything and everything social media is the way to go these days, we wanted to make sure we’d use the platform wisely – not haphazardly.

Since we’re not on the road 24-7-365 we felt Instagram might not be the place for us, since we wouldn’t have something new and exciting to share every day. Sure we have thousands of photos we could pump out to our audience, but we wanted to do something more than flood the internet with pretty pictures (though there’s nothing wrong with that).

#TuesdayTravelTip TravelBloggers.caAfter much thought we’ve set out on what we feel will be one of our most important journeys ever!  Today the journey of a thousand miles has begun for us … with just one step … our first #TravelTipTuesday post.

We realize there are a lot of travel tips out there and there are even a lot of well-intentioned Instagramers who have started such projects … but from what we’ve seen they aren’t posting much. With that in mind, we are setting out with consistency in mind. We intend to use the Instagram platform as the home for all of the quick and useful travel tips and ideas that we stumble across in both our physical and internet travels.

In addition to #TravelTipTuesdays you’ll certainly be hearing from us on #ThrowBackThursdays when we share some of our favorite #TBT travel moments and maybe even the occasional travel quote now and again.

We want to take a moment to thank you for your support, likes, follows and shares and invite you to follow us on Instagram for some unique, value-added TravelBloggers.ca content. You can find us here – Instagram/TravelBloggers.ca

Happy travels everyone … hope to see you soon on Instagram!

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