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How To Order A Beer Like A Local In 17 Different Countries


ORDER A BEER IN 17 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, TravelBloggers.caOktoberfest Tip: How to toast, order and pair beer around the world…

Ordering a beer abroad in the native tongue is satisfying; you get a delicious brew and can make a stronger connection with the bar staff and other locals. If you want to go that extra inch and show full respect to the kind barkeep who’s serving you, it can be rewarding to both of you (and impress the barflies) to use the two or three local words required – and seal the deal with the appropriate ‘Skål’, ‘Prost’ or ‘Cheers’!

From Myanmar to Denmark, here’s how to order a beer like a local…

How To Order a Beer In 17 Different Countries

How To Order a Beer in 17 Different Countries [Infographic] by