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Iain Shankland & Gail Shankland - TravelBloggers.caTravel isn’t just about flying off to the Caribbean, Europe or some exotic locale, it includes local events and attractions too. From music and art festivals to wine tours, restaurants, animal parks, zoos, action and adventures and journeys by car, the list is truly endless. We don’t intend to box ourselves in to any one category, our goal is to share our adventures, big and small, in the hope that we will inspire you to get out there and explore.

TravelBloggers.ca isn’t about luxury travel, nor is it about backpacking through the desert – for us, we’re out to have as much fun as possible without breaking the bank – travelling on the cheap … but without sacrificing comfort.

Photography is where our journey began, and it will always be an integral part of what we do. While we work well as a team we have very different photographic vision and are quite competitive when it comes to who can get the best shot. So, with our focus on photography you might say there will often be more to see than read when you visit us here.

We hope that you enjoy following us at TravelBloggers.ca … here’s a little more about us …

About Iain:
Iain Shankland, TravelBloggers.caBorn in Scotland, moved to England, back to Scotland, then the U.S., back to Scotland and then to Canada…all before the age of 16, Iain is used to travelling and considers staying in one location for more than a year – “a long-term commitment”.

Travelling is in his blood and he’s traded in moving locations for travel vacations since marrying Gail. Fortunately she shares his love of travel, but hates the airports that Iain considers “the gateway to adventure”. For Iain, travelling to the destination is as much a part of the experience as the actual destination, but Gail just wants to get there and that’s where her enjoyment begins.

About Gail:
Gail Shankland, TravelBloggers.ca

Born and raised in a small town nestled between Toronto and Niagara Falls Ontario, Gail lived in the same house until she got married. Her formative years were the complete opposite of Iain’s – consistent and stable. A true “Type-A” personality, Gail never does anything without planning it to death – something that Iain loves and appreciates, but also hates because he’d be just as happy buying a ticket and figuring it out later.

To learn more about our background, where we come from and where we’re currently published, please visit our “Credentials” page.


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