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travelbloggers.ca Our Credentials – Where We’ve Come From…

Iain & Gail have been published in print and on-line since 1997. The pair began collaborating in 2004 concentrating their efforts primarily on automotive reviews and motorsports (and some travel writing as opportunities presented themselves), contributing to many prominent web sites as photo-journalists, helping them grow their audiences by expanding and enhancing their content.

Starting in 2012 Iain & Gail decided to intensify their focus on travel and share more of their experiences (past and present) with the world – together they launched TravelBloggers.ca in 2013 to showcase their work and have their hard-earned experience start working harder for them.

No matter where they’ve  contributed (websites with a couple of hundred unique visitors (UV) per month to sites with hundreds of thousands of readers per month – and everything in between)  their goal is always the same: Give the audience the best experience possible, so they will want to return over and over again. Anything less than 100% effort is not good enough.

While their journey began predominantly as motor racing centric contributors, they branched out within those confines early on to bring readers back again to encourage travel and family holidays that include motor racing events. While some didn’t see the connection at first, the success of their race vacation articles proved that there was an audience for it.

Presently Published
We have had articles published in the following outlets since the fall of 2012:

Travel Post Monthly is a travel content syndicate/travel newswire service for editors of magazines, newspapers, and online publications.

International Travel Writers Alliance (ITWA) – As members of  ITWA, the world’s largest association of professional travel writers, editors, broadcasters and photographers, we have additional outlets and connections to which we submit our travel articles for publishing in magazines, websites and newspapers around the world.

AllWaysTraveller is a consumer website of international travel writers that features an e‐newsletter that goes out to 15,000 travel journalists, editors and publishers worldwide who can use our images and articles for their own media.

Road-Test.org  – Iain has been writing automotive reviews since 2006, and in addition to his own website (Road-Test.org) has been published on several other websites including Automobilsport.com, Flagworld.com, Auto123.com, Canoe.ca, PaddockTalk.com and others. All of his work is available at http://www.road-test.org/ where there are links to original articles going back to 2005.

MotoPhotoHub is our first website created from the ground up. It was designed as a “go-to” site for the team of professional photographers that we’ve assembled over the years as Iain worked as Photo Editor at PaddockTalk.com and Flagworld.com. Original members of the team go back to 2005 with as many as 19 members regularly covering racing events around the world.

Flagworld – Launched in 1995 Flagworld quickly became the place Canadians went to for their racing news and images. In 2010 Road-Test.org teamed up with Flagworld exclusively and publishes all road tests and auto news here first.
Hits: 472,000+ Unique Visitors: 325,000+  Page Impressions: 1,765,300+
Iain: Photo Editor/Writer/Photographer/Media Credentials Co-ordinator
Gail: Assistant Editor/Writer/Photographer

Previously Published – 2005-2013

Automobilsport – Known in print for an outstanding mixture of Motorsports, Tuning & Lifestyle news, in 2001 Automobilsport.com was created to expand the print magazine’s reach onto the internet – offering their polyglot (German, English, French, Dutch) users the same mix online and covering more than 480 different categories.  Hits: 882,000+/month  Unique Visitors: 350,000+/month  Page Impressions: 2.4 Million+/month.
Iain: Photo Editor & Media Credentials Co-ordinator – North America, Australia & Asia/Writer/Photographer/Road Test Editor
Gail: Assistant Editor/ Photographer

PaddockTalk – In 2005 over 1 million readers from over 160 countries visited creating nearly 30 million hits. During 2006, Paddock Talk hosted just shy of 3 million unique visitors from 180 nations around the world, and in 2007 those numbers doubled with the number continuing to climb each month. Every country/territory in the world (over 210) records visits to the site per month.
Hits: 700,000+/month   Unique Visitors: 420,000+ /month  Page Impressions: 4 Million+/month
Iain: Photo Editor & Media Credentials Co-ordinator/Writer/Photographer/Road Test Editor
Gail: Assistant Editor/ Photographer

PTalkPhoto – The photo gallery website for PaddockTalk. Gail & Iain’s direction and vision was the driving force behind it’s complete structure, design and look. It was not only a fan favourite, but drivers and teams visited frequently. After their departure the site floundered and reverted back to a basic format along with minimal visits/hits.
(2009) Hits: 2.3 million   Unique Visitors: 100,000  Page Impressions: 1.5 Million
Iain: Photo Editor & Media Credentials Co-ordinator/ Photographer/Creative Design
Gail: Assistant Editor/ Photographer/ Creative Design

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