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Travel Insurance – The Dreaded Additional Cost That You Just Might Need

We recently had to cancel a trip to Roatan because one of us ended up in the hospital shortly before we were due to travel. Having good travel insurance was paramount to us not having to forfeit thousands of dollars in airfare/resort fees while cancelling the holiday. It also reduced a tremendous amount of anxiety at an already stressful time. But many people don’t even look at travel insurance or calculate the possibility of needing it while planning their vacation. A smart traveller has insurance pre-travel as well as while actually on holiday. There are tons of insurance plans with varying degrees of coverage as well as costs. Where do you begin?

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Aeroplan and Rocketmiles Announce Partnership Renewal

MONTREAL, April 23, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ – Aeroplan today announced the renewal of a multi-year agreement with Rocketmiles, a hotel booking site that helps consumers earn miles’ incentives. Rocketmiles is a wholly owned entity of Booking Holdings, the world’s leading travel and accommodations company, whose portfolio of brands includes and, among others. The extended partnership will enable Aeroplan Members to continue to earn up to 10,000 Aeroplan Miles per night on stays at hotels worldwide.


Want The Best Price On Your Next Trip? Two One-Ways Might Beat A Round-Trip

Have you been searching the internet, using multiple sites to get the best deal? We do that all the time – that’s what the internet is for – saving money. If you’ve landed on the KAYAK (a fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine) site you’ve probably noticed something called “Hacker Fare” but what is it and how does it work? We did a quick check and it’s quite ingenious – here’s what their web site says…

Flying This Summer? Here Are Some Reminders And Travel Tips

It’s that time of year… you’ve planned and waited for summer to arrive so you can go on holiday. Everything is good to go, but when you get to the airport – oh, oh you didn’t know you needed that, or you are not as prepared as you thought you were. Here are a few reminders and some information you may not know about due to the constant changing of the airline/government regulations. It’s short, to the point and hopefully it’ll help you get to your happy place without any surprises or hassles. #HappyTravels Packing… When packing, make sure to check size and restrictions (including weight) for carry-on baggage. Each airline is different, they will be sent into the cargo hold if not within the allowance and additional checked baggage fees may apply! Make sure all valuables such as electronics, documentation, medication, car keys, money, jewellery and cameras are with you or in your carry-on bags Carrying gifts on board the aircraft? Make sure to leave them unwrapped for security inspection Government regulations stipulate carry-on …, @ghergichandco, @SEO,, @Travelbloggerz

The Nation Of No Vacation

In the United States, a vacation is both a blessing and a curse…Most people want to take time off, but sometimes the stress involved in prepping for a break from work can make beach time seem a little less tantalizing. In fact, some research suggests nearly half of American workers regularly do not use all of their vacation days. That means a whopping 169 million vacation days go unused each year.