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Muskoka, Ontario - Iain Shankland, Skeleton Lake

Staying Close To Home: Exploring Ontario – Muskoka, Ontario

This is the first of several articles that we’re going to be doing… Ever since the world-wide lockdowns we have been wondering when or IF we’ll get to travel again. You’ve probably noticed we’ve been very quiet for the past 2 year – we just didn’t know what to expect going forward, and even if we were going to continue doing TravelBloggers anymore. Now that things are a bit clearer we’ve decided to continue, but we’re staying close to home… for now. Living in Ontario for us is somewhat dull – we’d rather be off travelling around Europe or the Caribbean, but millions of people from around the world come to Canada and Ontario specifically for their holidays or vacation time. We don’t understand it, but people we talk to in other countries don’t understand why we go to their country for a holiday! Since we’re not flying anywhere anytime soon, we’re focusing on travelling closer to home by car for the time being – re-discovering home if you will.