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10 Tips for the Lone-Traveller

Today we welcome Sam Tickell – friend, fellow motorsport and travel enthusiast (of RacerViews) – to talk to us about travelling solo.  So without further ado, we present Sam’s “10 Tips for the Lone-Traveller” Recently I went on a six week European and Chinese holiday…… Alone. There were a number of things that I learned from this wonderful experience. If you’re travelling alone it can be liberating and a lot of fun. And after this, it will be my preferred choice of travel…so here are the top 10 things I learned that could help you.

Our Top Ten Packing Tips For 2013

Have a packing list – that will pretty much eliminate any chance of forgetting something. Leave your list inside your suitcase when you get home and empty it (that will save you time every time you travel!). Roll your clothes – it helps eliminate wrinkles and actually saves space in your suitcase Use plastic reusable bags for liquids in your suitcase (you just never know when a bottle will leak) and smaller items like socks and underwear (that way if your case is opened for a search it’s less likely any of your items will fly all over the airport floor).