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International Experience Canada,

International Experience Canada, TravelBloggers.caInternational Experience Canada gives you the information and resources you need to travel and work in Canada for up to one year.

You’ve always dreamed of spending a year living and working in Canada. Maybe you want to work at a ski resort in Banff… gain valuable work experience in the financial district in downtown Toronto… or do an internship entirely in French in Quebec City.

International Experience Canada (IEC) manages Canada’s youth mobility arrangements and agreements with different countries around the world. These arrangements and agreements make it easier for you to obtain a work permit to travel and work in Canada for up to one year.

Work permits under IEC are available to young people aged 18-35* who are from one of the countries that have a bilateral reciprocal youth mobility arrangement or agreement with Canada. Consult the list below for participating countries to see if your country of origin has a bilateral reciprocal youth mobility arrangement or agreement with Canada. Click on the name of your country to be re-directed to the corresponding Embassy of Canada website for specific application details.

Country Age Limit Working
Australia 18-30 Yes Yes Yes
Austria 18-30 No Yes Yes
Belgium 18-30 Yes No No
Chile 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Costa Rica 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Croatia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Czech Republic 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Denmark 18-35 Yes No No
Estonia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
France 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Germany 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Greece 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Hong Kong 18-30 Yes No No
Ireland 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Italy 18-35 Yes No No
Japan 18-30 Yes No No
Korea, Rep. 18-30 Yes No No
Latvia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Lithuania 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Mexico 18-29 Yes Yes Yes
Netherlands 18-30 Yes Yes No
New Zealand 18-35 Yes No No
Norway 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Poland 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Slovakia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Slovenia 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Spain 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Sweden 18-30 Yes Yes Yes
Switzerland 18-35 No Yes Yes
Taiwan 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
Ukraine 18-35 Yes Yes Yes
United Kingdom 18-30 Yes No No

International Experience Canada,





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