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TORONTO, March 11, 2015 /CNW/ – Less flash and more function best describes Canadians’ travel habits when exploring their own country, according to the latest™ Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™),

Although Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver reigned supreme for domestic travellers and international visitors alike, smaller cities like Kelowna and Kingston were also included in the Top 20 Most Popular Destinations for Canucks. International visitors were much more inclined to visit Canada’s larger, more iconic attractions like the emerald waters of Lake Louise or Mont Tremblant in the Laurentian Mountains.

“The three most popular Canadian destinations for international and domestic visitors still ring true based on our research,” says Taylor L. Cole, APR, travel expert for, “however, many of our well-known tourism destinations – particularly those showcasing natural attractions – are more frequently visited by travellers from abroad, looking to experience some of the country’s more notable highlights like ski resorts and lakes.”

Biggest Differences between Domestic and International Travellers
Among the Top 20 Most Popular Destinations in Canada, each list had five unique cities amongst the other 15 familiar destinations. Smaller cities or those without popular tourism attractions like Saskatoon, Kelowna, Regina, Kamloops and Kingston, were popular among Canadians – but did not make the list for international visitors. Whereas more expensive destinations known for their outdoor attractions like Lake Louise, Jasper, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Mont Tremblant did. Windsor was the exception – although as a border city, it’s popular among U.S. travellers.

Biggest Similarities between Domestic and International Travellers
Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver remained consistent as the top three Canadian cities for both domestic and international travellers. Calgary also remained in fifth position for both sets of travellers, and Edmonton, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Quebec and Victoria were included in the top 10 – albeit with mixed rankings.

Top Domestic Cities for Canadian Travellers
City Province 2014 vs. 2013 
1. Toronto Ontario No change
2. Montreal Quebec No change
3. Vancouver British Columbia No change
4. Edmonton Alberta +1
5. Calgary Alberta +2
6. Niagara Falls Ontario -2
7. Ottawa Ontario -1
8. Quebec Quebec No change
9. Victoria British Columbia No change
10. Winnipeg Manitoba +1
11. Banff Alberta -1
12. Saskatoon Saskatchewan No change
13. London Ontario +2
14. Whistler British Columbia +1
15. Halifax Nova Scotia -1
16. Kelowna British Columbia No change
17. Regina Saskatchewan No change
18. Canmore Alberta No change
19. Kamloops British Columbia +1
20. Kingston Ontario -1


Top Canadian Cities for International Travellers
City Province 2014 Vs. 2013 
1. Toronto Ontario No change
2. Vancouver British Columbia No change
3. Montreal Quebec No change
4. Niagara Falls Ontario No change
5. Calgary Alberta No change
6. Quebec Quebec No change
7. Ottawa Ontario No change
8. Victoria British Columbia No change
9. Whistler British Columbia +2
10. Edmonton Alberta No change
11. Banff Alberta -2
12. Winnipeg Manitoba No change
13. Halifax Nova Scotia No change
14. Windsor Ontario No change
15. Canmore Alberta +2
16. London Ontario -1
17. Lake Louise Alberta +1
18. Jasper Alberta -2
19. Niagara-on-the-Lake Canada +1
20. Mont Tremblant Canada +3

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