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Naked Filter – Clean Water For Everybody

Naked Filter, TravelBloggers.ca

Naked Filter, TravelBloggers.caWater is the single most important thing we humans need – other than clean air of course. Unfortunately too many people take it for granted. For example the last time you went through airport security going to or from the U.S. – how many huge garbage pails did you see that were full of peoples confiscated water bottles, most of them full?

What a complete waste of water – and money! And what are just about every one of those people going to do when they’re done being frisked and molested? They’re going to go and buy extremely over-priced bottled water – in the ‘safe area” of the airport.

There has to be a better way… and there is. But it’s not just a better and cheaper way – it’s revolutionary in its design and application.

In our article “Wish You Had More Money to Travel? 12 Tips to Help You Reach You Goal” we mentioned purchasing a large bottle and filling smaller, easier to carry bottles to save money. But that’s only appropriate once you’ve reached your destination – it’s not practical in the airport, bus terminal or train station is it?

Now there’s “Naked Filter” – a truly unique product that we can’t wait to get our hands on. Right now it’s in a Kickstarter campaign that ends Thursday, April 23. Supporters can pre-order the bottles and be the first to receive the bottle/filter before it is available in retail stores when shipments will begin in July & August. Don’t wait – click now and join us in getting to the front of the line… www.kickstarter.com/projects/598593213/naked-filter-clean-water-for-every-bodyNaked Filter, TravelBloggers.ca

OK, so what exactly is Naked Filter and why are we so excited about it?

It’s the water we all should drink – it should be naked: free of bacteria, free of added chemicals, and free of hassle.

With Naked Filter you now have the freedom to drink naked water anywhere at any time without any worries at all. Naked Filter guarantees the water you drink is effectively filtered- it removes 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria & protozoan cysts all the way through the life of the filter. Other filters’ effectiveness diminishes over time. Naked Filter never stops effectively filtering your water. When the filter has expired, no more water passes through … so you know to swap the old filter out for a new one.

How genius is that? We use a Britta water filter at home, but let’s be honest we only change it when the water starts to have a “taste” – we never use the guidelines because we/they will never know how much water we’ve actually filtered …right?

Can you imagine being out on a hike, running out of water and the only option you have is the stream/river that has anything you could imagine and many more you couldn’t imagine running past? What if you could take your water bottle and dip it into the river and drink it – with NO FEAR of getting ill from the water?Naked Filter, TravelBloggers.ca

Naked Filter is stupid simple – you fill the bottle with water and screw on the cap. When you’re thirsty, the naked water you enjoy passes through the filter and shoots straight into your mouth. No pumping. No batteries. No chemicals. Just drink your fill straight from the bottle as you naturally would. It’s that easy to use.

Microbe-contaminated water is the largest health problem in the world. This is NOT an issue just facing the developing world

We’ve heard plenty of people say: “But I just grab tap water – that’s safe enough for me, the government and Water Company wouldn’t let us drink it if it wasn’t perfectly safe.”

Really? If you lived in Canada over the past 15 years or so there’s one word that will put shivers down your back: Walkerton. Google it – it could happen anywhere.

Here are just two examples from the U.S.
1) The CDC tracked over 33 outbreaks of waterborne microbiological illness in 2009-2010. The outbreaks occurred in 17 states and resulted in 1,040 illnesses, 85 hospitalizations, and nine deaths.

2) The EPA estimates that the backlog of water infrastructure replacements/upgrades is anywhere from $300 billion to $1 trillion. The current capital spending rates imply that a pipe is replaced once every 700 years. As a result, by 2020, 60% of all water main pipes in the US will be classified as substandard.

So what does the Naked Filter remove from water?
99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% of viruses in the water are eliminated – that meets or exceeds the US EPA standards for safe drinking water. Microbes removed include:

Naked Filter, TravelBloggers.ca


{If you want more details of the technology behind the Naked Filter process we’ve included it at the bottom of the page – or you can visit the website http://liquico.com/}

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Naked Filter, TravelBloggers.caTechnology Behind The Filter Process – from the Naked Filter Website:

High performance, cost-effective and practical.
Very small spaces (pores) in a membrane block bad stuff in the water (bacteria, cysts, protozoa). This process is called “size exclusion.” Because the bad stuff are all bigger than the holes, they can’t pass through the membrane. However, the many small spaces in our membrane lets the water flow freely. In fact, it’s mostly open space.

Why is this revolutionary?
Our technology allows you to take any non-salt water, pour it through our purification cartridge and drink it.

It’s that simple.
No chemicals, no electricity, no added water pressure nor back flushing required. When the cartridge’s purification capacity is exhausted it simply stops flowing – so there is no risk of accidentally drinking contaminated water. No other means of purifying water works this simply, reliably and safely. Moreover, we can manufacture our purification cartridges at a price affordable for nearly everyone on the planet. This means that millions of people for the first time will be able to afford to control the quality of the water they drink. They will not have to rely on governments, utilities, or be forced to make the choice between ingesting chemicals or drinking unsafe water.

This size exclusion mechanism has been used for over 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry to purify water for drug manufacturing. However, the old technology membranes used in this process required huge water pressure to work. Thanks to Liquidity we can apply this proven purification technique to gravity-fed consumer water purification devices for the first time.

Additional in-depth details for the really technically-inclined.. (This is important, but also the point my eyes start to glaze over…)

Technical Aspects
There are only a few key elements that comprise the Naked Filter.  The most important is Liquidity’s proprietary “bacteria retentive” nanofiber membrane (wow, that’s a mouthful!). The membrane works using a process called “size exclusion.”  This means the membrane physically blocks or excludes particles based on their respective sizes. “Bacteria retentive” is a common industry term that means the membrane retains or traps bacteria based on size. The nanofiber membrane possesses a unique quality: it can exclude / retain small particles while letting water pass through very quickly. This is possible because the membrane is made of extremely narrow plastic fibers. The fibers create a very complex web like structure with many intersections. These intersections form very small openings called pores. The resulting porous structure is tightly controlled during the manufacturing process. 

Size exclusion membranes with the same bacteria retention performance have been used for decades to filter things like water used in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing and saline solution. However, these membranes could not be applied in a consumer product like a personal water bottle because they require high pressure to force the water through the pores. These membranes are mostly solid plastic. Liquidity’s innovation was to manufacture a material with the same bacteria retention performance, but made out of fibers rather than the shape of plastic sponges. With Naked Filter, now you can get pharmaceutical grade bacteria and cyst filtration straight from your water bottle.

During the manufacturing of the membrane, the nanofibers are laid down in many layers to form a structure that’s complex, but is mostly empty volume. If you are familiar with the game Kerplunk, the sticks that hold up the marbles is a good representation of how intersecting lines can create a very open but retentive structure.

The intersecting sticks show how with just a few lines you can create many points of intersection that prevent the balls (or bacteria) from passing through. Yet look at how much open space there is! Naked Filter works exactly the same way, except there are millions of fibers and intersections in the membrane. This scanning electron microscope image shows how bacteria size particles are trapped. The microscope lacks the depth of field to show how much open volume there is inside the membrane, but trust us, it is there.

As the bacteria in the water flows into the membrane, the bacteria are quickly trapped in the upper layers of the complex, highly porous structure.  Meanwhile, all the empty space in-between the nanofibers allows the water to shoot right through.