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RIMOWA Electronic Tag – the Future of Convenient Travelling

RIMOWA Electronic Tag,

COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 11, 2015 /CNW/ From 9 to 11 September, RIMOWA and its launch partner Lufthansa presented the RIMOWA Electronic Tag for the first time in Las Vegas at FTE Global (Future Travel Experience), the airline industry’s leading conference – and were immediately awarded with the ‘Best Baggage Initiative’ prize.  

The first digital and fully integrated mobility solution for luggage makes flying with baggage more convenient, faster and more secure. It consists of a RIMOWA suitcase, an airline app and the RIMOWA Electronic Tag with an E Ink Mobius (™) display, which is built into the luggage.

A predicted 3.5 billion people will travel by plane this year, almost all of whom already carry a smartphone in their bag or pocket. It is therefore only logical to connect suitcases to the digital world.

The product was a result of the BAG2GO project, a cross-industry collaboration between T-Systems, Airbus and RIMOWA that has already attracted great interest worldwide, leading to the foundation of a wholly owned subsidiary of RIMOWA in 2014 under the name BAG2GO GmbH.

These days, luggage is still checked in by hand before a paper label is attached. In contrast, air passengers with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag, built by Netronix®, can simply check in from home or while on the road using the airline app – and check in their luggage, too. In addition to a digital boarding pass, passengers will receive digital luggage information from the airline for their booked flight. Lufthansa recently became the first company to integrate this feature in its app as part of an exclusive arrangement. Just by one click the luggage information is then sent via Bluetooth from the smartphone to the suitcase equipped with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag. The details are immediately displayed on the built-in data module powered by E Ink®. The RIMOWA suitcase can be dropped off within seconds at the airport.

In terms of size and appearance, the luggage information displayed on the electronic data module corresponds to today’s paper labels, including the green EU stripe required by customs (compulsory for all flights departing from European airports). This makes the transition from analogue to digital very simple. The important information is protected from moisture, heat, cold, shocks and vibration and cannot be accidentally torn off, unlike a paper label.

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The product launch of the RIMOWA Electronic Tag is taking place exclusively with Lufthansa through RIMOWA stores. Sales start is planned for the beginning of 2016.

The first award  
RIMOWA and Lufthansa have been presented with the ‘Best Baggage Initiative’ award. As part of a gala evening at the FTE Global show (Future Travel Experience) on 10 September 2015, RIMOWA and Lufthansa received the award for the RIMOWA Electronic Tag.

The annual prize ceremony recognises companies for modern ideas and services that make travelling even more enjoyable for passengers – both on the ground and in the air. An anonymous panel of industry experts awards the most innovative, demanding and successful initiatives and organisations.

RIMOWA is one of the leading premium brands worldwide for cases made from aluminum and the high-tech material polycarbonate, and it is one of the few manufacturers of travel luggage still producing in Germany. One could say that RIMOWA is probably the only German manufacturer with a history stretching back over more than 115 years with a distinctive, deep-rooted tradition – an exceptional position in the industry. To RIMOWA, ‘Made in Germany’ and ‘German engineering’ are synonymous with outstanding materials, brilliant technology and extraordinary product design, crafted to the highest possible quality. For decades now, the identifying feature of the collections, which are being continually optimized, has been the elegant and unmistakable groove structure of the case shells. The traditional company is based in Cologne and sells its products in over 65 countries worldwide through selected dealers and its own stores, the number of which is being continuously expanded across the globe.