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TravelBloggers.caWhether on-the-go in a foreign country, or travelling in your local area – people everywhere have a few apps that they really like and recommend. Some work for you, but others don’t. We’ve put together a brief list of apps we’ve used and love, as well as some that come highly recommended. There are some apps you may never have heard of and there may be some apps you can’t see yourself using – ever. Hopefully we can point you to one or two apps that you’ll actually use on your next trip – home or away.


You use Dropbox on your computer right? Well why not use it on the go as well?  It’s THE place for your photos, documents, videos, e-tickets and other files. Files you keep in Dropbox are safely backed up and you can get to them from all your devices. It’s easy to send large files to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
~ Free – Android & iOS

Hopperhopper.comhopper, TravelBloggers.ca
Is a mobile app that uses big data to predict and analyse airfare providing travellers with the information they need to get the best deals on flights, and notifies them when prices for their flights are at their predicted lowest points. According to Hopper it predicts future flight prices with 95% accuracy and will determine whether or not now is really the best time to buy that plane ticket. It was the only travel app to be included in Apple’s “Best of 2015” round-up.
~ Free – Android & iOS

Booking.combooking.comBooking, TravelBloggers.ca
B&B, hotels, apartments, and homes – many available with free cancellation should your plans change, this is one of the best accommodation sites.

Bonus Tip: Before booking flights, make sure you delete your cookies on your computer! You may end up finding prices cheaper.

Duolingo – duolingo.comduolingo, TravelBloggers.ca
We can attest to how useful this app is for learning German. With more than 70 million registered users, Duolingo is a free and well-designed language learning app that is also a fun way know the basics on grammar and vocabulary. The app takes you through levels that you must complete before advancing, while you gain experience points along the way.
 Free – Android & iOS

Google Translate – play.google.com  / itunes.apple.comTravelBloggers.ca
Translates day-to-day words on your travels quickly and easily. You hold your camera up to text – a sign or menu for example and Google will translate it for you instantly! Type to translate 90 languages or use your camera to translate text instantly in 26 languages. Two-way automatic speech translation in 40 languages. Draw with your finger as a keyboard alternative.
 Free – Android & iOS


CaxtonFX – caxtonfx.comTravelBloggers.ca
The card is free, simple and a convenient way to manage your travel money abroad. With 15 currencies to choose from, you can preload your travel money at any point before or during your trip and lock in great exchange rates. If the currency you require is not one of the 15 the card will automatically convert to the currency of your destination. Unlike many other cards, the Caxton FX currency card is free to use on overseas purchases and ATM withdrawals (the ATM owner may charge you a fee) ** and being Chip & PIN secure – you can be confident that your money is safe. Accepted worldwide at over 35 million outlets displaying the MasterCard sign, the Caxton FX currency card is a great alternative to cash, traveller’s cheques or a bank card.
 Free – Android & iOS

XE Currencyxe.com/appsTravelBloggers.ca
As the go-to site for currency conversions on the web, it has lots of business-oriented features. For the traveller it’s to be able to convert every world currency. Works off-line by saving the last updated rates, saving you valuable data.
 Free – Android & iOS

Simply Declarewww.simplydeclare.comTravelBloggers.ca
Do you want a simple, easy way to manage your travel receipts to help you have a stress-free customs or border crossing experience? Simply Declare will  manage your travel receipts and will give you an itemized list with the information you need to fill out your declaration forms upon returning home from a trip. Also included are: notepads, a quick currency converter and the ability for you to itemize lists the way you want them. With a few simply keystrokes, it lets you know in real time currency if you have reached or exceeded your limits. You can even travel from country to country, because it works with multiple currencies at the same time.
 Free – iOS only


Is like having multi-apps in one package. For example,

JourneyCard – Think of the JourneyCard as your detailed itinerary. It will keep you posted in real-time on any updates to your itinerary such as security wait times, flight delays, gate changes or layover time adjustments. Tapping the airport code will take you to airport- specific information, personalized based on your itinerary!
AirportCard provides a wealth of airport information you can quickly access amenity information, maps, weather forecasts, airport tips, food locations, airline lounges and much more.
Rental CarGateGuru allows you to reserve a rental car through Avis at a discounted price in just two taps! Since they are working directly with one rental car company, they’re able to offer the lowest available pricing, with discounts up to 35% compared with other leading travel sites!
 Free – Android & iOS

App In The Air – appintheair.mobiTravelBloggers.ca
Keeps you updated about your flight status – even if you don’t have internet access. It will break down each flight into four stages; check in, boarding, takeoff and landing time. Bonus: it integrates with Tripit (above), allowing you to import all your flights into App In The Air for the ultimate in convenience.
 Free – Android & iOS

Citymapper – citymapper.comTravelBloggers.ca
Offers more detailed journey-planner information than Google. It includes real-time departures and disruption alerts, as well as Uber integration and cycle routes. It’s available for about 30 cities worldwide (some people call that a limitation) and tells you how long your journey will take (even by jetpack if that’s the info you require). There’s a real-time option to set an alert that lets you know when to get off the bus/train at the (sometimes unpronounceable) stop.
 Free – Android & iOS

Just forward your emails to the app and it pulls together travel information from your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars, events bookings and converts it into a single itinerary. You can share the plans with others too. Some people note that it is best used if you’re travelling by car – not train or bus.
 Free – Android & iOS

Tripcasetravel.tripcase.comTravelBloggers.ca, TripCase
TripCase gives travellers a single place to manage and organize their trips. Just forward your confirmation emails to trips@tripcase.com and they’ll do all the work. Similar to Tripit but more user-friendly according to some.
 Free – Android & iOS

Use your Wi-Fi to download the app and the country maps, then everything else is off-line. It uses GPS or your mobile signal to guide you, saving you data and money. Tip: Download your trip(s)/maps to an SD card if you’re doing a multi-country trip.
 Free – Android & iOS

HERE Mapsmaps.here.commaps.here.com, TravelBloggers.ca
Is a companion for all your journeys, near or far with navigation designed to make your life easy – thanks to real-time traffic, turn-by-turn voice guidance, speed limit information and a simple directions list.
 Free – Android & iOS

LiveTrekker – livetrekker.comTravelBloggers.ca
This app creates a digital journal of your travels, creating a multimedia travel diary you can share, access anytime, and share with others – in real time. You can look back at all your trips on an interactive map, allowing you to add pictures, video, audio and text any time.
 Free – Android & iOS

RoadTrippers – roadtrippers.com/about/appRoadTrippers
This app is for travel by road – especially in the U.S. Discover interesting places along your route, whether its historic or scenic points. Perhaps you’re looking for hotels near breweries…You can layer multiple categories onto your trip and find the perfect place. You can plan your entire trip before you go or change it any time if you’re feeling spontaneous – you can see what’s around you as you’re driving! When you find a special place you can save it for yourself or tell your friends with place sharing and saving.
 Free – Android & iOS

15+ million travellers love CityMaps2Go, so they’re doing something right!! Download free offline maps of countries and cities before you depart and then use (non-data) GPS when you’re there. See your location on the map via gps – no internet connection is required. Find streets, addresses or attractions and get pointed in the walking direction.
 Free – Android & iOS

In a strange city and not sure what to do? Try visiting TimeOut when you’re on-line. Just punch in the city you’re staying in and all kinds of information pops up to help you.
 Free – Android & iOS

Send your travel pictures to anyone in the world as a postcard. 1) Select a picture. 2) Add a message and the postal address 3) They print and post the card world-wide with free postage. At around $1/card its even affordable.
 Free – Android & iOS

Once travel and hotel confirmations come through, travellers can forward the information to TripSee. The app will then aggregate every piece of information – times, dates, cost, phone numbers, addresses, etc., into the itinerary, making it possible to see the entire trip in one glance. The app will generate a list of hotspots around town that can be organized and added to an itinerary. Search for travel destinations and activities while travelling, you can conveniently add these to your itinerary while viewing the whole trip from the map. Organize your trip by simply moving your activies to different days.
 Free – Android & iOS


There are numerous options available for phoning/texting/internet while travelling. From just adding an extension on your own mobile carrier plan, to purchasing a new phone or sim card at each destination, the options can be confusing and in the end cost you more out of pocket than was necessary. SIM cards can be purchased at just about every airport and train/bus station if that’s the route you want to take. Outside of Canada, everything is cheaper – not only for the phone calls, but also for data and texting.

Dual Global Mobile TravelBloggers.ca
The [DGM] SIM is a World Free Roaming Smart SIM with +44 UK & +1 US Telephone Numbers in ONE SIM to place and receive calls in 220+ countries and Free Incoming calls in 120+ countries on 550+ GSM Networks worldwide. The Dual Global Mobile SIM is enabled for voice [both SIM and Web Initiated Calls], sms [including Free SMS] and data roaming worldwide. It has no monthly fees, no yearly fees, no roaming fees, no pre-travel obligations, no restrictions, no conditions, it is pay as you go and you can easily manage your global telephone system wherever you are in the world on 24/7 basis throughout the year.
UK –  mobile.dualglobalmobile.co.uk – or – US – mobile.dualglobalmobile.us

Another option is a pocket modem or Wi-Fi (usually cost $25- $40) that you can also use with the local SIM cards. Buy one with “WiFi hotspot” capability and create a hotspot so that that it can connect multiple devices at once. Make sure you get one “unlocked” so it can be used anywhere you travel, not just with one carrier.

There are plenty of free WiFi options too. Virtually every McDonalds and a library will give you free access.

Free Wi-Fiwififreespot.comTravelBloggers.ca
This is a good source for finding free Wi-Fi. There are other out there, so have a look on Google to see what best fits your needs.
 Free – Android & iOS

Work Hard Anywhere (WHA!) – TravelBloggers.cahttp://workhardanywhere.com/
is a community of creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs who work beyond the corporate cubicle and WHA! has created an app spawned from the frustration of finding a good cafe or decent work space when on the go in a foreign city. With 7800+ spots around the world added by freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, it’s certainly a worth-while app for everyone. You can use the app to find cafes and co-working spaces with Wi-Fi, plug outlets, food, drinks and even opening times.
 Free – Android & iOS

And don’t forget… The Weather Channel, because no matter what the weather is in your location, it will probably effect your choices for adventure that day or that week.

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