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Germany – Trier And A Terrorist Sighting!

Trier, Germany - TravelBloggers.ca, Iain Shankland, Gail Shankland

This installment of our trip to Belgium and Germany 2016 is getting confusing… It’s the fourth and last in the series, so do we call it Germany – Part Eins (1) or Part Vier (4) – Trier And A Terrorist Sighting? Either way, bet you want to get to the terrorist bit – right? DON’T skip ahead…

If you’ve joined us in part 4 because of the great headline, take a bit of time to read the other 3 articles first – this’ll still be here when you get back….
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So we’ve left Belgium, passed through Luxembourg and crossing the bridge into Germany – what’s the first thing we see? This…

TravelBloggers.ca, Germany - No Speed Limit Sign(No Speed Limit Sign) You know what that means…pedal to the floor. Enough of this 120 km/h stuff – it’s time to stretch this BMW 340i’s legs a little!! Soon we’re up into the 200’s and I get my top speed of 226 km/h – still 24 kilometres off the cars maximum. I’ll try later to hit the limiter, cause we’re already at Trier.

Trier, Germany
Trier has many things to see, and thanks to a tourism board that knows how to market their country, it wasn’t hard to figure out what we wanted to see. The city itself has a terrific website – HERE that gives you a comprehensive view of all the things you can do in and around the city – you could easily spend a week here visiting all the main attractions.

Located in the Moselle wine region, near the Luxembourg border, Trier was founded by the Romans and contains several well-preserved Roman structures such as the Porta Nigra gate, the ruins of Roman baths, an amphitheater just outside the center and a stone bridge over the Moselle River. Again, time is our enemy and we have to pick and choose what we’re going to see. Driving around the city, our navigation was giving us a hard time figuring out what was where and how to get to it. In the end we just parked in the downtown area and set out on foot.

We knew we were somewhere in the region of the Porta Nigra gate, but not sure how far. Plonking a couple of Euros into the parking machine, we had about an hour and a half to spend. Heading into the general area everyone was coming from or going to, we came into a shopping centre. Hmm, not what we wanted but turning to the right we spotted it…the Porta Nigra gate and it’s huge! We spent a bit of time checking it out, but decided to skip the tour because it didn’t look like we’d get much of anything that we could already see from outside. Way may live to regret it, but so-be-it.
Trier, Germany - TravelBloggers.ca, Iain Shankland, Gail ShanklandTours: There are a staggering number of tours throughout Trier with prices reaching eye-popping level.
Check this website for information….HERE
Check this website for tours: HERE
Address: An der Porta Nigra, 54290 Trier

Main Market (Hauptmarkt)
After we’d taken our fill of pictures of the gate we headed straight back, past the way we came in and ended up in the middle of the town square/marketplace. One of the nicest looking towns you’ll ever see, THIS is what we’d wanted to see in a German town/city. Stopping to take plenty of pictures we decided to grab something to eat before heading off to our destination for the night – about 2 hours away.
Terrorist Sighting! Trier dinner / Trier beer
While we were relaxing in the town square with a nice tall glass of Weisbier and thoroughly enjoying our donner meal, Gail spots a guy with a backpack walk over to a store front – about 5m away, put down the backpack and casually disappear into the crowd!!! She tells me what she’d just witnessed, I look at the backpack and then for the guy… nothing. Oh crap. I’m only about 10% through my beer and my food. TravelBloggers.ca, Iain shankland, Gail Shankland, Trier, Germany
Do we abandon it and run for safety, find the Polizei or ignore it and gobble down our food as fast as possible? Decisions …decisions.

TravelBloggers.ca, Iain shankland, Gail Shankland, Trier, GermanyHeart racing, I go over to the restaurant manager who’s talking on the phone and tell him what Gail saw. He doesn’t seem to understand, but I’m looking at a very busy market square full of people. He comes outside and I point to the backpack. He shakes his head… that’s a local homeless guy and he hangs out in that doorway – that’s his backpack. Seriously? Yep, no worries. Sad that we have to think the worst was when something slightly suspicious happens, but I guess that’s the world we live in nowadays. Even though everything ended up fine for us in the end, the moral of the story – when travelling always be aware of what’s going around you … stay safe … don’t zone out completely into vacation mode. Really glad I didn’t have to worry about leaving an almost full glass of beer go to waste!

After the heart-stopping moment everything else went uneventful in the lovely city of Trier and its one city we definitely want to return to because there’s still so much left to see.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you….
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Trier, Germany - TravelBloggers.ca, Iain Shankland, Gail Shankland