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Good Reads: Enjoy Reading While On Holiday? Dive Into Some Great Adventures By Our Favourite Author Nicholas Harvey

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Whether you enjoy reading in your back yard, on the beach, on a plane or during those never-ending waits at the airport, we recommend you dive into a great adventure series written by our friend and favourite USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicholas Harvey.

Reading is a great way to escape life’s mundane drudgery, but with so many authors to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth bothering about? We’re very picky with who we read – Gail isn’t much for novels, and I love mysteries from the likes of James Patterson and Michael Connolly.

head-shot-707-square-4mb_origWhen our friend Nick starting writing his books a few years back, we were eager to support his efforts. Not only did we enjoy his writing style, the adventures and characters he created – we actually LOVED the books! We’re not just saying this as friends – we’re big fans as well. At the end of every adventure we’re desperate to read more and fortunately Nick is publishing 2-3 books a year so we don’t have to wait long for the next novel.

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Caribbean & Cross-Country Adventures!

The adventures are based in the Caribbean on the beautiful island of Grand Cayman, but also reach out to Mexico and Florida. If you’re a scuba diver these will be right up your alley, but you don’t have to know anything about diving to enjoy the adventures.

Available on Amazon in Kindle, Audible, Paperback and Hardcover, there’s plenty of options for how to enjoy his books in your favourite format. As a nice bonus, they are very reasonably priced, unlike many books out there!

 Grab One of Nick’s Books – Click Here

But which book should you start with?

Fortunately they are all numbered – what a novel idea! While each book is written so you can just drop into the middle of the series, it makes sense to start from the beginning and watch the characters develop over time.

mermaid diversNick has branched out from his original AJ Bailey Adventure Series and further developed one of the characters into its own series – Nora Sommer’s Caribbean Suspense series. This series is written in a completely different style and it completely blows my mind how he can write these two characters simultaneously – very impressive! In his “spare time” Nick also collaborates with the Tropical Authors Group (comprised of Wayne Stinnett, John H. Cunningham and Nick Sullivan) allowing his characters some additional diversity as they make guest appearances in these other mystery series.

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BTW – his merch is really cool too!!!

Follow the adventures of AJ and the gang on the beautiful Grand Cayman islands.

 Grab a Copy of Nick’s books – Click Here

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