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How To Order A Beer Like A Local In 17 Different Countries

Oktoberfest Tip: How to toast, order and pair beer around the world… Ordering a beer abroad in the native tongue is satisfying; you get a delicious brew and can make a stronger connection with the bar staff and other locals. If you want to go that extra inch and show full respect to the kind barkeep who’s serving you, it can be rewarding to both of you (and impress the barflies) to use the two or three local words required – and seal the deal with the appropriate ‘Skål’, ‘Prost’ or ‘Cheers’! From Myanmar to Denmark, here’s how to order a beer like a local…

The Restaurant Choice,

Dining Etiquette Around The World

Our little idiosyncrasies are what make us interesting and special. It’s undeniable that it’s important to be respectful of other cultures when travelling or on holiday and this extends to dining with the proper etiquette. Learning how not to offend your fellow diners or hosts is essential check out this handy infographic for great tips – courtesy of The Restaurant Choice… Celebrate Their 24th Travel-versary

Exactly 24 years ago we started travelling together – little did we know that would mark not just the beginning of our lives together as husband and wife, but the beginning of a journey that would turn us into travel bloggers. Back in the day, the advice we got for planning our honeymoon was – “don’t worry about planning some exotic vacation – save yourself the stress – just wait until you’re married and book something last-minute, you’ll save yourselves a fortune!” Who knew that our first vacation together would turn out to be the worst we’d ever experience … and THAT my friends turned out to be the FIRST and LAST, last-minute vacation we’d ever take. Fortunately, what didn’t kill us (almost quite literally) made us smarter. on Instagram Ventures to Instagram

After long-debating the idea of venturing to Instagram with, we’ve decided to take the plunge. Why would we hesitate? Well, while we know anything and everything social media is the way to go these days, we wanted to make sure we’d use the platform wisely – not haphazardly. Since we’re not on the road 24-7-365 we felt Instagram might not be the place for us, since we wouldn’t have something new and exciting to share every day. Sure we have thousands of photos we could pump out to our audience, but we wanted to do something more

What Are My Rights if My Flight Is Cancelled?

In 2015, only 1.59 percent of all U.S. domestic flights were canceled, and only about 0.3 percent were diverted to an airport other than the original destination. But though your odds of being canceled are slight, you can face some real hassles if it does happen. Read more about your rights involving over-booked and cancelled flights on AirFare WatchDog – What Are My Rights if My Flight Is Cancelled?