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Achieve Your New Year’s Travel Resolutions

It’s that time of year when everyone resolves to do something … be a better person, lose weight, get fit, eat right, organize the chaos, quit smoking, simplify, and on and on the lists go. As TravelBloggers we figure there have to be at least a few of you out there (like us) who are itching to travel more. Maybe that’s your New Year’s resolution … if not … maybe it should be!

RIMOWA Electronic Tag,

RIMOWA Electronic Tag – the Future of Convenient Travelling

COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 11, 2015 /CNW/ From 9 to 11 September, RIMOWA and its launch partner Lufthansa presented the RIMOWA Electronic Tag for the first time in Las Vegas at FTE Global (Future Travel Experience), the airline industry’s leading conference – and were immediately awarded with the ‘Best Baggage Initiative’ prize.   The first digital and fully integrated mobility solution for luggage makes flying with baggage more convenient, faster and more secure. It consists of a RIMOWA suitcase, an airline app and the RIMOWA Electronic Tag with an E Ink Mobius (™) display, which is built into the luggage.

Waldo Helps Plot the Perfect American Road-Trip

Who knew that one day Waldo would actually prove useful! Waldo? You say … Yes – Waldo – the star who got his start in a series of children’s books in England … that quirky little guy with his distinctive red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses – that’s the one! Well, in reality it’s not Waldo himself that’s going to guide you on the perfect American road-trip, but rather one Randal S. Olson from the University of Pennsylvania who researches artificial intelligence and algorithms … the guy who came up with the optimal search strategy to find Waldo.

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10 Tips for the Lone-Traveller

Today we welcome Sam Tickell – friend, fellow motorsport and travel enthusiast (of RacerViews) – to talk to us about travelling solo.  So without further ado, we present Sam’s “10 Tips for the Lone-Traveller” Recently I went on a six week European and Chinese holiday…… Alone. There were a number of things that I learned from this wonderful experience. If you’re travelling alone it can be liberating and a lot of fun. And after this, it will be my preferred choice of travel…so here are the top 10 things I learned that could help you.

Book Smart – Top 10 Travel Booking Tips

We have a love-hate relationship with travel … yes, you heard that right … travel bloggers that “hate” travel! Or at least the research and booking part of travel, so we’ve put together our “Book Smart – Top 10 Travel Booking Tips.” Travel is a wonderful thing but it really does come with it’s own set of stresses! Over the years we’ve seen our share of travel-turbulence – lost in the middle of no-where thanks to GPS gone rogue, over-booked flights, hotels from hell, sleepless flights with screaming babies, but as Iain would say, “that’s all part of the adventure.” And it’s true, most of those niggly problems are quickly forgotten – because after-all – you’re on vacation! For me, once of the biggest stresses is the planning and booking … because I’m the typical “A-Type” personality that plans everything to death. Couple that with being “frugal” and you’ve a recipe for tossing in the towel on travel. #1 – Don’t Rely Solely on a Travel Agent. While we’re not trying to put anyone out of work …