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Survey finds Canadians are ready to hit the beach…right off the plane

Survey reveals that sun-starved Canadians are packing swimsuits in their carry-on for instant beach access TORONTO, Feb. 17, 2016 /CNW/ – A new study, released today by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, shows Canadians are keen to hit the beach right off the plane with nearly 40 per cent of Canadians packing their bathing suit in their carry-on just in case their luggage doesn’t make it through.  Consumer research into Canadians’ habits when travelling to the Caribbean examines the behaviour’s and planning process taken in advance of their trip south. Plane

Survey Shows That Canadians Have A Poor Understanding of Travel/Vacation Health Coverage

Vacations aren’t always carefree – 21% have required medical attention and 6% don’t pack underwear TORONTO, Oct. 22, 2013 /CNW/ – The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THiA) conducted a national survey* of Canadians about their travel habits and their understanding of provincial health coverage. The survey revealed that 35% of Canadian travellers do not buy travel health insurance. “Only six per cent of Canadians realize that provincial health plans cover approximately nine per cent of medical expenses when travelling outside of Canada,” said THiA President, John Thain. “Travel health insurance is designed to protect against unforeseen medical expenses.”

10-Year ePassport Now Available For Canadians

CALGARY, July 2, 2013 /CNW/ – Canada’s new and more secure 10-year ePassport is now available to Canadians, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today. “The new, 10-year ePassport provides more convenience for Canadians, and facilitates safe, secure travel which, in turn, helps create jobs, growth and long-term prosperity for Canadians,” said Minister Kenney. “The Canadian passport is not only a privilege of citizenship, but a reflection of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.” ePassports are  the international norm in travel documents. They contain technologically-advanced features, including an embedded electronic chip, to prevent fraud. The chip stores the same personal information as that which is recorded on the second page of the passport (except for the signature) as well as a photo and a digital security feature that proves that the passport was issued by the Government of Canada. To combat fraud, once the personal information is stored on the chip, it cannot be modified without invalidating the passport.

Proposed U.S. Border Fee For Canadians Ruffles Feathers

The United States government wants Canadians to pay to enter the United States to help ease their desperate financial situation. TORONTO, April 21, 2013 /CNW/ – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget requests a study to determine the feasibility of collecting a fee from pedestrians and passenger vehicles crossing between the United States and Canada by land. Whether this fee would focus on those entering or exiting the United States, or both, and how much each crossing might cost has yet to be determined. “While we appreciate the fiscal challenges faced by our friends in the United States we would prefer the U.S. government focus on ways to reduce obstacles at the border that hinder trade and tourism,” MacKenzie said. The Canada-U.S. economic relationship is one of the largest in the world. Trade in goods and services between the two countries totaled $645 billion in 2010—more than $1.7 billion in goods and services each day. Fees for many commercial goods and agricultural inspections are already charged at the U.S. – Canada border. …

SHOP.CA Launches New Travel Category With “Triple Dip” Travel Rewards

TORONTO, March 1, 2013 /CNW/ – SHOP.CA announces the launch of SHOP.CA Travel, in partnership with TravelOnly Inc., one of the top-rated travel agencies in North America. Together, this partnership will bring an integrated on-line travel-booking engine to SHOP.CA, adding an exciting new category to SHOP.CA‘s extensive online marketplace with bonus travel reward opportunities. “This partnership offers never before seen value for SHOP.CA members who are also active users of other travel loyalty programs. We are constantly adding selection to create a better experience for our members, and travel is an important category our consumers were demanding. This unique offering has been in the works for over a year,” says Drew Green, CEO and co-founder.