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Worried About The World-Wide Luggage Problem At Airports? There Is An Alternative / Iain Shankland

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We’ve all seen the nightmare pictures of luggage piled up at airports and sometimes even train stations. People flying to one destination while their luggage goes in the opposite direction. Flying is stressful enough without having to deal with wayward luggage that may or may not arrive at your destination, before you’re heading back home wearing the same clothes you started with on your holiday – last week.

The airlines aren’t much help – you used to have travelers rights and compensation, but the airlines are doing their best to avoid paying up. There is a very good solution however – Luggage Forward. Pack your clothes and other necessities in a suitcase – or two, and forward it to your destination.

When you get there your luggage is waiting for you!! All you have to do is pack your carry-on suitcase/bag and walk onto the plane, arrive at your destination and just walk through customs without having to scramble like everyone else at the carousel to see and grab your bags – assuming they aren’t in Australia while you’re in Europe! / Iain Shankland

Going on a cruise? You’ll never get your bags once the ship leaves port, but with Luggage Forward you can send your bags right to your stateroom! What about bikes, skis and golf clubs? Yep, they do that too. They take care of all the customs documentation for you

We’re not flying any time soon, but you can bet we won’t be taking chances and playing Russian Roulette with our suitcases on our next holiday.

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