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Follow up to Travelocity/Disney Competition – WARNING

  I (Iain) went to sign up for the competition on Facebook and you have to accept their app or you don’t get any more information. That’s fine, but…. If you’re comfortable giving them EVERYTHING you have on your Facebook – including all of your friends’ photos and information, then go ahead… we won’t do that! apologizes to everyone for misleading them. We won’t be passing along any news in the future that involves Travelocity., camera

Take a road trip, take a picture, win a free road trip

SYLVANIA Canada is offering Canadians the opportunity to win a free road trip just by posting their photos on Instagram using the #SeeCanadaBetter hashtag. TORONTO, Nov. 4, 2013 /CNW/ – SYLVANIA Canada is encouraging Canadians to share their views of the country through photos. Using Instagram, anyone across Canada can submit their photos of the way they’ve seen Canada. “Canada has such a rich, beautiful landscape and while the seasons might be changing from surfing the coast to skating on backyard rinks, as proud Canadians we never let a cold front keep us indoors,” said Colleen Applebough, OSRAM SYLVANIA communications and marketing services manager. “For us Canadians, the difference between 20 degrees above or below zero is simply a matter of whether or not you’re boarding on the lake or on the slopes. We want you to show us the photos of your Canada.” Now anyone can take in a virtual tour of the country through the cameras of Canadians everywhere. By checking out the #SeeCanadaBetter hashtag on Instagram, visitors can enjoy pictures from British … Plane

Angry Customer Buys Promoted Tweets To Bash British Airways For Losing His Luggage

Could this be the next trend for people to finally get the attention of large companies with bad customer service? It’s so much easier now to embarrass companies through Twitter and Facebook by reaching out the very customers they need to stay in business. Unfortunately it will lead to crack-pots doing the same thing for minor or insignificant claims – or competitors doing likewise to ruin good reputations. This could be beneficial for a short time until it’s abused and then companies might abandon Twitter & Facebook altogether!   – Angry Customer Buys Promoted Tweets To Bash British Airways For Losing His Luggage British Airways allegedly lost a man’s luggage, then wouldn’t return his emails. The man turned to Twitter to vent. But he didn’t just vent to his 500+ followers. Instead, he purchased promoted tweets, Twitter’s form of advertising, to spread his message far and wide: “Don’t fly @BritishAirways,” the man with the handle @HVSVN wrote on Sunday evening. “Their customer service is horrendous.” His tirade continued:

Get Travel Discounts Wherever You Go In 3 Easy Steps

If you’re travelling in the U.S. or Canada especially – but also world-wide, here’s an easy way to research a travel destination and get multiple discounts at the same time… # 1. Go to  (just typing without the “/learn” will take you to your local area and also limit your search outside that area). Click the down arrow beside your city and you’ll get the option of other areas and countries.        What is Groupon? “Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. We send the deals to thousands of subscribers in our free daily email, and we send the businesses a ton of new customers.”  # 2. Find the city that you’re travelling to or a nearby city if you’re planning on a side-trip (or passing through). Click on the name of the city to go to its daily deal page. # 3. Either sign up for the newsletter and receive a new deal each day in your in-box, or click on “Today’s Deal” to see the daily discount. You’ll find …