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Get Travel Discounts Wherever You Go In 3 Easy Steps


If you’re travelling in the U.S. or Canada especially – but also world-wide, here’s an easy way to research a travel destination and get multiple discounts at the same time…

# 1. Go to Groupon.com/learn  (just typing without the “/learn” will take you to your local area and also limit your search outside that area). Click the down arrow beside your city and you’ll get the option of other areas and countries.

http://www.groupon.com//raf/UserReferral_rp/121015/10r1act/lk/uu53515483       What is Groupon?

Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. We send the deals to thousands of subscribers in our free daily email, and we send the businesses a ton of new customers.” 

# 2. Find the city that you’re travelling to or a nearby city if you’re planning on a side-trip (or passing through). Click on the name of the city to go to its daily deal page.

# 3. Either sign up for the newsletter and receive a new deal each day in your in-box, or click on “Today’s Deal” to see the daily discount.

You’ll find all kinds of good stuff, from huge discounts at restaurants, tours to a lion safari, spa services, movies, the list is endless. In most cases you have a year to use the coupon, so you can search a destination and stock up on coupons long before you go. You’ll also have a list of restaurants, bars, hotels, boutiques, and other places to check out while you’re there. (You can buy gifts for people too, so if you’re travelling to visit friends/relatives you can get discounts for them as well).

Groupon.com has a very large selection of deals in foreign countries (although they’re in the language of that country Google translator makes it a lot easier to see and read the deals if you’re using Chrome as your browser). I did a quick spot-check of my local area and 764 deals popped up for that day. A quick look at Germany for instance brought up a ton of cities that had Groupons available there.

2 Additional Savings Tips…


1) If you sign up with eBates.com – they give you cash back for everything you purchase through them, then you can double-dip by combining it with Groupon!  They even have a Travel Search that gives you money back on your tips!


2) Another excellent option is Livingsocial.com/cities. Not quite as good as Groupon, for local coupons and discounts, but if you’re looking for travel deals they offer incredible saving – just make sure you read the small print.

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(If you click on the Groupon link we’ll earn $10 in Groupon Bucks to a maximum of $100 and if you click on the eBates logo, sign up and make a purchase we get $5  – you can do the same thing for your Facebook & Twitter)

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  1. These things really are good ideas. Groupon also operate in Australia and has deals for all capital cities! Obviously, read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure it fits your travel dates and preferences 🙂


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