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Tired of Jet Lag? Get a Rooster.

Travelling across time zones? Tired of jet lag hogging your holiday or destroying productivity on business trips? We recommend that you get a rooster – JetLag Rooster that is! This free, simple and effective jet lag remedy based on science can help you send jet lag packing.,

Beat Jet Lag the Way Elite Athletes Do -Twice As Fast With HumanCharger

HELSINKI, May 27, 2015 /CNW/ – Every global traveler knows how jet lag feels. It kills productivity. Jet lag is the sleepy mid-day meeting when it’s difficult to keep focused, and it’s waking up at the wrong time in a hotel room, not able to re-charge. Jet lag is getting back home a week later, not able to be a great company and partner with friends and family, or to perform at work. HumanCharger (, the revolutionary new travel companion spells the end for jet lag by helping travelers make softer landings to new time zones – twice as fast.