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Tired of Jet Lag? Get a Rooster.

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TravelBloggers.ca, Jet Lag Rooster, Jet LagTravelling across time zones? Tired of jet lag hogging your holiday or destroying productivity on business trips? We recommend that you get a rooster – JetLag Rooster that is!

This free, simple and effective jet lag remedy based on science can help you send jet lag packing.

Since jet lag occurs when your body clock is out of sync with your new environment or time zone it’s necessary to shift your body clock to reduce or prevent it.

TravelBloggers.ca, Jet Lag Rooster, Jet LagBecause JetLag Rooster takes this problem to the scientific level, more is involved than just getting some extra sleep – it’s about adjusting your sleeping schedule, what you do on the plane and when you arrive at your destination, but most importantly it involves exposure to bright light at just right time of day.

JetLag Rooster is free and simple to use, and yes, there’s even an app for that (iphone or android)! So why not try it out …

  • Visit  JetLagRooster.com
  • Enter your trip details, regular sleep schedule and when you want to start adjusting your internal clock – upto 3 days prior to departing, once you’ve boarded the plane, or once you arrive at your destination.TravelBloggers.ca, Jet Lag Rooster, Jet Lag
  • Your personally customized plan will tell you exactly what to do to reduce jet lag. TravelBloggers.ca, Jet Lag Rooster, Jet Lag
  • No internet connection is required, so it’s great when travelling!

While we can’t personally relate our experience with JeLagRooster – yet – you can bet TravelBloggers.ca will be test-driving this app the next time we’re hopping time zones!

– May all of your travels be jet lag free!


UPDATE:  Since we originally wrote this article we visited Germany, and of course we tested the JetLag Rooster!  I’m pleased to say that by following the adjusted sleeping schedule and daily recommend light exposure I suffered NO JET LAG when we arrived at our destination! Iain on the other hand suffered horribly because he didn’t feel the need to use the JetLag Rooster schedule.  Iain claims he “never gets jet lag” … but I can tell you this is NOT TRUE. I had to feel a bit bad for him – I guess his age is catching up with him – but I must say how pleased I was to be completely functional and energetic. So, I give the app two thumbs up!


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