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Interview With An Exceptional Photographer & His 5 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photos

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words … but an exceptional picture … well, quite frankly those leave me speechless. I stumbled across the photography styling of Johannes Brock a result of my work in the world of motorsport back in 2013. Having won a photography contest, Johannes had an image featured in a print magazine and was accredited to shoot GT racing at the famed Nürburgring in Germany. As I saw more and more of his images hitting the Facebook groups I was following, I got really curious … who was this guy? …. And that my friends is when the “Facestalking” began., Honda Indy of Toronto, Indy Car, Grid Girl

July in Toronto … Is IndyCar Time!

One of the highlights on the IndyCar Series circuit is the July stop in Toronto. Each year the race in Toronto turns out to be one of the most exciting on the calendar. There are always bumps, crashes and controversy, a driver can still win the race even if he starts from the back – and that’s why the fans love it. But wait, there’s more! That’s right, there’s 2inTO! 2014 marks the second year in a row that Toronto will host two, back-to-back IndyCar races that are part of a fantastic annual Canadian Summer Festival by the shores of Lake Ontario. Having covered the Toronto Indy photographically for various media outlets since the year 2000 we were ready to experience it all from the other side of the fence. Last year (2013) we decided to cover the event from a fans perspective for our own website – It was great to actually enjoy the festivities simply as real race fans –