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Pet Restraints - Think About Your Fur-kid's Safety On Your Next Vacation,

Pet Restraints – Why You Should Think About Your Fur-kid’s Safety On Your Next Vacation

On The Road Again … With Man’s Best Friend!  We Chime In On Pet Restraints And Safety For You And Them. Remember the old days when you’d see a mother holding her newborn baby on her lap as the family went off on a day trip? Thankfully those days are long gone. While most of us – either by choice or by the threat of a fine – wear our seatbelts at all times. But what about our dogs (or cats)? Most people don’t even think about restraining their dogs when they’re in the car. If you’re a dog-lover I know you take Fido everywhere you go – I take my dog with me every chance I get, to introduce him to new places and keep his mind stimulated. But if you’re going to take your dog along on long or even short trips around town, doing so safely is very important. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that these outings can spell danger for their four-legged friends. Maybe you’ve never even thought about it before …