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Have you ever thought of an “Experiential Vacation?”

It sounds exotic, expensive and exclusive. It’s been around since 2007 or maybe even before that, but it’s been thrown into the foreground recently by a TD survey. The survey found that approximately ¾ (74 per cent) of Canadians have already taken or are interested in taking an experiential vacation, and almost 2/3 (62 per cent) would consider it if they could find ways to save on the cost of those trips. The survey found that most people would consider an experiential vacation if costs are reasonable. Although visiting with family and friends or relaxing on a beach or by the pool are still important reasons for taking a vacation, a growing number of people are considering more adventurous travel. So what constitutes an “Experiential Vacation?” Come on… didn’t you know that it’s “The biggest trend in travel today?”