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The Islands Of The Bahamas,

Save Big On Travel To Grand Bahama Island During 2013

Interested in a shorter getaway? Save $200 on three, four or five-night packages. Bookings are valid for travel through Nov. 3, 2013. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is celebrating the 40th anniversary of independence all year long, so join a variety of celebrations. Like The Bahamas on Facebook for event updates. Seeking details on activities and events such as snorkeling, fishing, sailing, diving or land-based tours? For more information visit the newly designed, more intuitive official web site. The refresh marks a departure from a mostly informational website to a hybrid of informational and transactional. For consumers, it offers an easy to navigate trip-planning and travel booking capability – aimed at encouraging island exploration. The website now takes visitors on an interactive journey into the 16 main islands of The Bahamas. New photography layered with interactive hotspots allows consumers to virtually fly around islands and zoom in on points of interest. Helpful information on a range of topics is available on the website – from planning a destination wedding and honeymoon, to attractions for day trippers …

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A NASCAR Race AND A Family Vacation – It Is Possible!

If you’re a NASCAR fan you’ll know all about Homestead Speedway in Florida. Even though the entire family might not enjoy racing, you can always make a great family vacation that just happens to have a NASCAR race included. If you’ve never been to south Florida, you’re really missing all the best parts. Who needs Disney World when you’ve got real live dolphins and alligators, swimming, camping, snorkelling and many, many other tourist attractions to keep you and the family entertained and busy.

Dolphins Plus - Key Largo, Florida, Natural Dolphin Swim, Structured Dolphin Swim

Swimming With The Dolphins In The Florida Keys

Who needs Disney World when you can swim with the dolphins? Deciding we should start our vacation off with a splash, we made reservations to swim with the dolphins in Key Largo (about 40 minutes from Miami Airport). What an amazing experience – completely unforgettable! I promise that your family will love you forever if you take them to this unique encounter at Dolphins Plus – Dolphin and Marine Mammal Education Facility. We chose to partake in the “Structured Dolphin Swim” where we got to interact and play with the dolphins. The morning of our swim we were pleasantly surprised to find that we were the o­nly o­nes registered for the structured swim, which is an extremely rare opportunity. Dolphins Plus is very popular, and reservations are always required if you wish to partake in their swim programs. We gladly embraced this opportunity and were pleased to spend some extra time with the trainers asking questions and learning even more about these amazing mammals. We were told that we wouldn’t be playing with the dolphins that …