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In Search of Romantic Vacation Ideas

Having just celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary / Travel-versary, as travel bloggers we’re already starting to think ahead to how we’ll spend our very special Sliver Anniversary next year! Since we really didn’t get the honeymoon destination right (our worst vacation ever), we really feel this one’s important. But with so many amazing options out there in this great big beautiful world … our heads are practically spinning! Celebrate Their 24th Travel-versary

Exactly 24 years ago we started travelling together – little did we know that would mark not just the beginning of our lives together as husband and wife, but the beginning of a journey that would turn us into travel bloggers. Back in the day, the advice we got for planning our honeymoon was – “don’t worry about planning some exotic vacation – save yourself the stress – just wait until you’re married and book something last-minute, you’ll save yourselves a fortune!” Who knew that our first vacation together would turn out to be the worst we’d ever experience … and THAT my friends turned out to be the FIRST and LAST, last-minute vacation we’d ever take. Fortunately, what didn’t kill us (almost quite literally) made us smarter.