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Travelers Mobile – The Goal Is To Eliminate Expensive International Mobile Roaming Fees


TravelersMobile, TravelBloggers.caCelebrating its first anniversary, Canadian Travelers Mobile Limited is working to eliminate international roaming fees by using the natural forces of completion.

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) September 10, 2013

Travelers Mobile was launched in September 2012 to offer Canadian and international travelers visiting the USA access to a local carrier, operating on the American AT&T network – effectively eliminating roaming fees and saving travellers up to 98% on their phone bill.

Since the launch, Travelers Mobile has added Canada and the UK to its list of destinations. Visitors to Canada are able to access service on Rogers Wireless, Canada’s largest mobile carrier, and travellers to the UK have access to service on Lebara, which has special international rates and runs on the Vodafone network in the UK.

Travelers Mobile does not run its own network; it searches for the best value from local network providers and negotiates plans specifically designed for travellers. All of the Travelers Mobile packages are prepaid, no contract, can be purchased ahead of time and are delivered to customers before their scheduled departure date. This allows travellers to setup call forwarding or change voicemail to include their temporary local number at their destination.

“What we are offering is simply what all experienced and savvy travellers do normally, but in the past, travellers had to wait to arrive at their destination before purchasing a local SIM and phone plan. With our service, travellers can pre-purchase the plan that is right for them before they leave home, in their home currency, which not only saves a bundle on home carrier roaming fees, but also saves important time while travelling,” Travelers Mobile CEO & Founder George Slade commented. “With our packages, your mobile phone service is available as soon as you cross the border or land at your destination.”

Why choose Travelers Mobile

Canadian mobile phone carriers regularly charge up to $1.50 per minute when calling in the US and $3.00 per minute when calling in Europe. These prices do not include the long distance charges that also apply. In addition, expensive mobile data roaming rates ranging between $5 and $10 per MB.

In Canada alone the three main carriers generate almost $1 billion a year on roaming fees with a profit margin of between 10,000% and 15,000%. Worldwide roaming fees account for over $45 billion in mobile phone profits. Every year, over 20 million Canadians visit the US, 14 million Americans visit Canada and over 7 million North Americans visit the UK. In these three countries alone, over 40 million people pay up to 98% or more than they need to on roaming fees. Until now, fear of roaming fees would force many travellers to simply leave their mobile device at home.

The Regulators in Europe have already lowered roaming fees within the European Union, and new rules for European Union telecom carriers set to be announced on September 11, 2013, are reported to eliminate all extra roaming fees within the European Union by 2016. In North America, regulators are slow to address the issue and still allow carriers to charge overly excessive roaming fees. Travelers Mobile believes that the only option left for consumers is to use competitive pressure on the main carriers to encourage them to lower or eliminate their roaming rates. If all travellers unlocked their phones and used local carries when travelling, the home carriers would be encouraged to be reasonable.

“It appears radical, but our goal is to be put out of business by the mobile phone companies,” George Slade affirms. “I personally will consider it a success, when roaming fees are eliminated because mobile phone companies feel the pleasure of our competition. As it’s the consumers in the end who will be the big winners and that is our aim.”

Based in Vancouver Canada, Travelers Mobile is dedicated to meeting the mobile communications needs of travellers, travelling to the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Internationally. Their aim is to deliver the best current value products and services while being cost effective by using the simple strategy of unlocking your GSM phone and purchasing a local SIM when travelling. Most Savvy travellers already do this and is exactly what Telus Mobility (Canada’s largest mobile phone company) recommends on their website: “You would benefit from unlocking your device prior to your trip and purchasing a local SIM.”

To purchase your Travelers Mobile roaming package click here. For more information on Travelers Mobile go to:

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