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Roam Mobility’s “Snowbird Plan” Gives Canadian Travellers Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB of Data – only $39.95/month

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Though Roam Mobility recently slashed their daily U.S. rates, yesterday they announced a new “Snowbird Plan” that targets Canadians who travel south for the winter.

The Snowbird Plan is designed with the Canadian traveller in mind. Activate and schedule your plan before leaving for the USA. When you return, keep your SIM and top up for your next trip. It’s that easy!

What’s Included
Like all Roam Mobility plans, the Snowbird plan includes unlimited talk and text, free-long distance calls to Canada, voicemail and caller ID, plus all the convenience of a prepaid service designed just for Canadian travellers.

Keep Your Number.
When your plan is over and you return to Canada, it will go into a suspended state. Simply use the SIM again next year when you return to the USA, or top up with any one of our other daily plans. Keep the same SIM card and phone number.

The Best Deal. Period.
At $39.95 per month, our Snowbird Plan is the best value plan available in North America. And it’s available exclusively for Canadians on the Roam Mobility network.

Combining Plans
If you need more than 3 months of service with the Snowbird Plan, you can easily schedule multiple plans to start one after the other for service throughout the year.

Speed demon
Get blazing-fast data speeds of up to 21 Mbps

Easy top-ups
Top up anytime and anywhere by ordering online or sending a textSnowbird Plan - Roam Mobility,

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