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A Hearty Breakfast of Bacon, Eggs and…Giraffe at the Manor

Giraffe Manor
A relative sent us some pictures of this unique property in Africa and we just had to do more research and share it with our readers. Although the chances of us ever getting to Kenya, or Africa for that matter are slim-to-none, we can certainly appreciate the beauty of Africa and especially the unique animals along with this one-of-a-kind hotel.
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -2
The Giraffe Manor is a unique property and boutique hotel located in the Lang’ata suburb of Nairobi, Kenya. The property is famous for its resident herd of endangered Rothschild giraffes that live on the extensive grounds.

Set on 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest, the hotel is only 20 kilometres from Nairobi city centre.
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya
Giraffe Manor offers visitors an unparalleled experience with the giraffes. Guests can feed the giraffes from their breakfast table, photograph them and interact with them through open windows, at the front door and even at the second floor bedroom window! This is the only place in the world where one can share breakfast with the world’s tallest animal.

Every day shortly before 9 am, the mammoth beasts stroll up to the house and poke their heads through the windows and doors in search of morning treats.
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -8
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -5
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -9
History of Giraffe Manor
Giraffe Manor was originally built in 1932 by Sir David Duncan who was part of the British Mackintosh Toffee family and today the luxury boutique hotel has maintained all the charm of the era.
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -3
In the 1960’s the Manor was purchased by a local investor who leased it to a succession of people, including the late Dennis Lakin, before it fell into disrepair, unoccupied.
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -11
In 1974 the Manor was purchased by Betty Leslie-Melville – an American conservationist and her husband Jock. When Jock died, Betty decided to open her house, now called The Giraffe Manor, to visitors. Today, many tourist make The Giraffe Manor part of their East African Safari. Some spend a week here and The Giraffe Manor is reported to have many repeat guests who have become old friends with the hotel owners. In March 2009, the Manor was purchased by Mikey and Tanya Carr-Hartley and now forms part of the Tamimi group of lodges and hotels.

Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -4
Giraffe Manor is also home to many other characters including: large families of warthogs, the elusive Bush Buck, Dik Dik and more than 180 species of birds, along with a striking view of the Ngong hills.
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -7
CLIMATE: Situated at high altitude (5,800 ft.), Nairobi has a moderate climate – ideal for a summer holiday. December through March the weather is sunny and warm, while from July to August the weather is mild and cool.
CUISINE: Giraffe Manor prepares exceptional meals such as: home-made Muesli, freshly baked muffins for breakfast, to three course meals for lunch and dinner, and of course Kenya’s finest tea or coffee.
ACCOMMODATIONS: There are ten elegant en suite rooms
SCHEDULE: Open throughout the year June through March (closed April and May)
Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -12
Web Site:
Tel: +254 (0)732 812 896; +254 (0)732 812 897; +254 (020) 231 6756

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Giraffe Manor, Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya -6

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