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BERLIN, Aug. 12, 2014 /CNW/ – Daniel Giersch a self-made millionaire from Germany, who has lived in Monaco for 15 years, has developed the trendiest and most popular summer app in Europe. With blipcard, it is now possible to send postcards from anywhere in the world, at any time from an iPhone. Yes, postcards from your iPhone!

Whether on a luxury yacht in St. Tropez or on the beach of Cannes, almost every superstar in Europe has the app on their iPhone. Snap photos, upload to blipcard and send a postcard to your loved ones. Various singers and famous actors from Hollywood love blipcard already. At the end of August, the app was at the top ten of the German Download charts.

An old trend becomes a new lifestyle trend – the almost-forgotten postcard is being revived. Inventor Daniel Giersch, who is credited with breaking the German postal monopoly, now wants to save the postcard.

The emotional value of postcard greetings is considerably higher than in that of a digital message via Facebook, Twitter or email. The recipient receives something personal and tangible, that often adorns the refrigerator for years to come.

In Monaco, where inventor Daniel Giersch resides, blipcard has already become a must-have for the hot summer days. Models and It-girls love to send postcards directly from the deck of the Super yachts or the beach bars of Monaco, with a cool glass of champagne. A free hand and a few minutes are all it takes. Where formerly the process often took hours – buying the postcard and stamps and finding a public mailbox -this has all been simplified thanks to blipcard.

blipcards aren’t just practical, they’re fun: saving and recording special moments, and sharing them with friends or family. There is nobody who is not happy to receive a postcard in the mail. And in 40 years, you will certainly never find an email in your attic.

Within no time, blipcard has developed to one of the Côte D’Azur ultimate summer gadgets used by the rich and famous. Because its download is free, luckily anyone has access to it.

The payment of cards and postage is simple, either by credit card or Paypal, and costs 1.49 Euros (2.00 dollars).

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