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Why You Should Check The Price Of Flights AFTER You Book

Every time you book a flight you have that sinking feeling that the price is going to go down tomorrow. Murphy’s law says it’s going to happen … so what do you do?

68 percent of the time, ticket prices do drop within that 24-hour window,according to a recent study from Hopper, and on average, this price is 14 percent lower than the original. Ouch … That hurts!

What most people don’t realize is that you can cancel your flight for FREE within 24 hours of booking.  It’s a federal rule for airlines to give passengers a full refund if they choose to cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking, provided they book more than seven days before their trip (Technically, the rule says that airlines must either hold a reservation at a quoted fare for 24 hours OR allow passengers to cancel within 24 hours. Most airlines take the second option, though some, like American, have “hold” programs that allow customers to put a ticket on hold for 24 hours before booking.)

Of course there are always loopholes you need to watch out for – the 24-hour rule may not apply to bookings with travel rewards or flights booked through third-party websites like Expedia – so buyer beware! For us, this is the one BIG reason that we always choose to book through a travel agent – they have a lot more knowledge and greater options available to them – so we recommend tapping into their expertise.

So, after you book your next flight, be sure to keep tabs for the next 24-hours on the prices – you just might score yourself a nice price break on your trip.

— For more detailed information, read this article in its entirety on Huffington Post.

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