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If you haven’t seen any of their work yet, you must check out Behind the Mask​ … their travel-adventure video blog focuses on their passion for nature.

Combining their passions, they document their journey diving, flying and shooting. Video footage from high above, using drones, takes their stories to all-new heights, while their photography and videos from Behind the Mask open our eyes to the magical wonders of the underwater world.

After Iain stumbled across their first video blog from Eleuthera, I was completely drawn in … and I “floated with them,” as they like to say, for hours … wandering through the adventures they’ve shared on their website. Their multi-part travel stories are so well done … it’s really no wonder they just received the “Best Dronie” award at the NYC Drone Film Festival.

travelbloggers.ca, behindthemask.com

Hello world, we are ‘Behind the Mask’. We post stories, pictures and videos about our passion for nature. As soon as we go on a trip we feel like little kids playing outside, discovering something new under each stone. With new media at hand and considerable expertise in creating appealing media, we use this blog to find a healthy balance in our lives. We are part of the global network of creative nature enthusiasts trying to push our own limitations a bit further every time. We believe that by telling our stories we can shine a light on the beauty of nature.

Follow the adventures of “Behind the Mask” on Facebook and check out their travel stories on their blog.  I’m sure this is only the beginning for these talented young men from Germany.

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