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Travel With Confidence – These Canadians Care

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As a couple of entrepreneurs-at-heart, you’ll often see us showcase travel-related products and services that we come across on Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank. As a Canadian-based Blog, we’re also always on the lookout for uniquely Canadian companies that can help all travelers around the world.


Since we wrote this article we’ve sadly received a number of messages on our Facebook page relating poor experiences that people have had with FlightHub.

Because we are here to promote the services we feel are the best or most useful to our fellow travellers, we’re adding this addendum to our article to make our readers aware.

After receiving the negative feedback about FlightHub, we contacted the company’s Public Relations representative and asked that they investigate the complaints. They have assured us that the company is working to provide refunds where applicable, and rectify the problems within the scope of their Terms and Conditions. We also invited their executives to make a statement on the complaints and other feedback that we’d dug up on the internet. Unfortunately, we never received a reply to our request.

All this being said, our final word on the matter is simply this – Buyer Beware! We’ve all heard it before, and we’ll continue to hear it again. Unfortunately nothing in life is guaranteed and we’ll always run into problems it seems. What’s most sad to us is that “customer services” is all but extinct – and good luck finding “exceptional customer service”!

We won’t leave you feeling hopeless however, as we’ll share with you what we HIGHLY recommend when it comes to booking travel … because we know this process is stressful, expensive and mentally taxing! Check out our article “Book Smart – Top 10 Travel Booking Tips.


The internet makes the world a smaller place, and in many cases it doesn’t matter where a company is based – they can help others and do business with people just about anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Although Canada is the second-largest country in the world our population is tiny when compared to other countries such as the U.S. and the U.K, so any chance we can help get the word out for one of our own we’ll try our best #ProudtobeCanadian!

Today we’ve been asked to showcase a website that many of you may know or use already – FlightHub – but did you know they are Canadian? We didn’t until just recently.

We’ve used FlightHub numerous times over the past year or so to get prices for our travels. One of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing online travel agencies, FlightHub was launched in August 2012 by a close group of friends who shared a passion for technology and travel. Sharing the same goals, the e-commerce and tech-savvy entrepreneurs’ mission was to develop compelling technology, products and services that empower travellers worldwide – not just for Canadians.

The most surprising challenge they had to overcome: they had no real travel experience, other than the fact that they all shared a love for exploring new places!!

Where do you begin?!

Although this was a huge hurdle at first – especially due to the complexity of the airline industry, it forced them to take risks in order to reinvent how things were done and challenge the traditional conventions of the travel industry.

They focused on developing innovative technology so that they could better understand how fares fluctuated and as a result they were able to develop cutting-edge, proprietary software that has the ability to find the lowest flight prices on the market.

The goal from the beginning was always to provide a great booking experience and a product that people across North America would love, and thanks to that goal FlightHub has quickly become the “People’s Choice” for online travel agencies due to their cheap flights, ability to find deals quickly, and user-friendly website.

I’m sure when you go searching on the internet you are overwhelmed by the choice of websites all vying for your eyeballs and business.

What FlightHub has achieved in less than 3 years is truly remarkable considering the options out there. They’ve gone from 7 employees in 2012 to 350 worldwide in 2015, with over 1 Million customers and growing, every year – it’s no wonder they’ve become Canada’s largest Online Travel Agency.

From FlightHub …

FlightHub.com, TravelBloggers.caFlightHub is one of the best sites to plan, book, and manage your travel plans. Next time you’re planning a vacation, be sure to check them out. www.FlightHub.com

FlightHub Promises
• Instant E-ticket delivery, no long waits for confirmation. You book it, you get it right away.
• We will always work to deliver the cheapest possible price.
• We will always show all-in pricing, no hidden fees, no extra charges.
• Never wait on hold ever again; we believe when you call us, we should answer right away.
• Beginning-to-end customer support. Before, during, or after your trip, we are here to help anytime you need us.

FlightHub Technology
Exclusive to Flighthub, we developed an infrastructure that has direct access to many wholesalers, airlines and hotel suppliers in Canada. Our goal was to simplify the shopping and booking procedure by eliminating the need to visit many locations to compare prices. With Flighthub, we search every possible source of product and instead of bouncing you to another site to make your reservation, you can make your reservation directly with Flighthub.

Manage your Travel
Have access to any of your reservations either through desktop or mobile devices that allow you to stay up to date on travel alerts, schedule changes, or anything you might want to know about your upcoming trip.

Keep up with FlightHub’s latest news here:

Note: We were NOT paid to promote FlightHub – like many other services and products we find useful, we like to share them with you.


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