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Travel With Confidence – These Canadians Care

As a couple of entrepreneurs-at-heart, you’ll often see us showcase travel-related products and services that we come across on Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank. As a Canadian-based Blog, we’re also always on the lookout for uniquely Canadian companies that can help all travelers around the world.   ADDENDUM: Since we wrote this article we’ve sadly received a number of messages on our Facebook page relating poor experiences that people have had with FlightHub. Because we are here to promote the services we feel are the best or most useful to our fellow travellers, we’re adding this addendum to our article to make our readers aware.

UPDATE: LugLess – Travel Without The Baggage

About a year ago we stumbled across a little start-up company called LugLess on the TV Show, Shark Tank. Though none of the Sharks took the bait and LugLess left the tank without an offer, they caught our attention. We were intrigued by their concept of travelling without baggage to avoid the increasing hassles of air travel and the exorbitant fees for over-weight and over-sized suitcases, extra bags or bags not included fares (you can find our original article here  “LugLess” on your next trip when you travel without the baggage!). Since our original article, LugLess has received many accolades for their innovative service, but most noteworthy, they’ve been voted one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies of  2014 in the Travel and Transportation category. Take that Sharks! As a bit of follow up, LugLess provided us with some interesting details on their progress


Lost in Translation? VerbalizeIt – A Traveller’s Best Friend

I don’t know about you, but whenever we travel to parts unknown where languages are even less known, I tend to get a little freaked out by the possibilities of getting lost and no one understanding us … or the potential of Iain doing something crazy and offending someone! Soooo the first thing I do is concentrate on learning two key phrases … “Do you speak English?” and “I’m not with him!” I know, I know, there are better uses of a key phrase, but it’s a starting place. Having had opportunity to travel abroad  on a number of occasions where language was a barrier, we admit that it made us a little uneasy. And while there’s no perfect answer to the dilemma there are coming to be more and more technological advantages to help the monolingual traveller (not monolingual? Don’t stop reading, there’s more for you later on).


“LugLess” on your next trip when you travel without the baggage!

In a world where air travel is seeing a tightening of the baggage belt, travellers are considering their options … and if they’re not … they should be. Did you know that in 2012 airlines earned $6 BILLION in fees for everything from switched and cancelled flights to baggage?!? Last week on Shark Tank “LugLess” was on the block for bidding. None of the sharks took the bait, but the company caught our attention and we thought we’d share the concept with you. These days most travellers are incurring baggage costs of some sort. Whether it’s oversized, overweight or not included, we’ve found it’s pretty rare to escape extra fees of some sort unless you’re travelling internationally, have a bag included and pack smart. With airlines cracking down on baggage weights and sizes, travellers are left with few options for getting their gear to their destination. You either put up, shut up and pay the fees, or