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You’ve Booked Your Hotel – But Did You Get The Best Deal? DreamCheaper.com Will Make Sure You Do

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So you’ve planned your holiday or weekend break, booked the hotel and you’re all set. But what if the hotel drops its price? What if there’s a better room for the same price – or even cheaper? Wouldn’t you be bummed if you found out? Could you sleep at night just thinking about the possibilities? (Gail always worries that we left money on the table so-to-speak).

Well fret no more – there’s DreamCheaper.com to save you time and money!

They’ve found a way to help everyone get a better deal. DreamCheaper searches for cheaper prices on the same room or better – and then re-books your hotel reservation for you.

So it’s all very complicated right? Nope… Here’s what you do:

  • Book your Hotel – Anywhere in the world, on any platform. Make sure that your reservation can be canceled for free – the price is less important.
  • Forward your Confirmation tohotel@dreamcheaper.com – that’s all! They’ll then continuously compare prices, rebook and cancel your old reservation.
  • Dream Cheaper You’ll sleep in the very same hotel room you initially booked – but pay up to 60% less!

DreamCheaper claim to successfully optimize two out of three reservations – saving a whopping average of €65!

No Risk
They only cancel reservations after booking the new ones – so you always have your room!

So what’s the catch?
You have nothing to lose. They charge 20% of the savings they realize. If they don’t save you anything, you don’t pay anything!

Watch the short video – it explains everything….


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