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21 Travel Uses for Ziploc Bags

Travelling without Ziploc bags is like travelling without a passport. We use the large heavy-duty Freezer bags and the smaller sandwich bags. Note: Ziploc did NOT pay us for this article :>)


The first thing I do is sort our daily vitamins and prescriptions into morning and afternoon containers, then put them all together inside a large Ziploc bag. I know when I have a headache I just have to go to one spot in my suitcase to grab a couple of Tylenols.

We carry a few Ziploc bags when we travel, too. Here are 20 more travel uses for Ziplocs that you might find handy on your next trip – I’m sure you can add to this list… Please feel free to send us your tips.

1. Women’s Intimates: My wife packs all her underwear in a Ziploc or two. It makes it a lot easier when/if the customs people decide to open your suitcase and rummage through it – no tell-tale underwear dropping out for all to see! Also great for keeping socks together.

2. When I’m on a trip I use one to hold all the travel-related ‘stuff’ I pick up like brochures from hotels and attractions.

3. Souvenir Protector: Pack fragile souvenirs in your suitcase, surrounded by two or three Ziplocs filled with air – or you can use the ones with socks/underwear to help protect the souvenirs too.

4. Camera Poncho: A large-sized Ziploc is a great way to protect your camera in the rain. Cut a hole just barely big enough for your lens to stick through and put the camera and lens inside the bag – use a rubber band to hold it tight to the end of the lens. Operate the camera with your hand inside the bag.

5. Travel Hamper: Take several XL Ziplocs to keep your dirty clothes zipped up tight and away from the clean ones – ideal for people travelling alone – we take a large garbage bag and pack all the dirty clothes together in one suitcase.

6. Waterproof Billfold: Keep your passport, money, and other precious documents dry by storing them neatly in a sandwich-sized Ziploc. Ever get stuck in a rainstorm with your passport in your pocket? This will keep everything nice and dry.

7. Jewellery Keeper: Put earrings or other small items into a sandwich-sized Ziploc and slip it into your bathroom bag. It’ll save your more precious items from getting lost.


8. Electronics: Store all of your electronics, wires, chargers, MP3 players, etc. in a large Ziploc. You can see what’s in it while it’s closed, and it’ll keep your things together in one place so they don’t get lost in the nooks and crannies of your suitcase/bag.

9. Clothes Organizer: If you can find the XXL bags you could pack each day’s outfit one or two, including shirt, pants/ skirt, socks and underwear, plus accessories. Then you won’t have to go searching for all of the parts when you get up in the morning. Combine it with….

10. Space Saver: Get the largest Ziploc you can find and fill it/them with all of your clothes. Then roll or squeeze the air out from the bottom up – and seal.

11. Rise ‘n’ Shine: Make a coffee kit with your favorite coffee or tea, including filters, sugar, creamer, etc. Sometimes Always the stuff you get in hotel room isn’t exactly the best – it’s never good enough or strong enough for me.

12. Swimsuit Bag: Put wet swimsuits into a large Ziploc until you get home or back to the hotel – works great for other wet clothes too.

13. Inspection Bag: We put all of our liquids for our carry-on into one for quick inspection at the airport counter.


14. Make Up & Liquids: Double-bagging all makeup and liquids such as hair spray, shampoo and conditioner means if there’s ever an explosion or leak it won’t ruin clothes.

15. Camera Bag: Store your camera in a Ziploc to keep it safe and dry – especially if you’re going to be anywhere near water such as kayaking, boating etc.  It’s easy to remove, take some pictures and return it to safety. If the kayak or boat tips, your camera will be safe if it ends up in the water.

16. Aches & Pains: Most hotels have ice machines for guests. If you’ve over-done it and need to sooth sore or aching muscles, just use a sandwich-sized Ziploc filled with ice as an ice pack (wrap it in a thin towel or face cloth to protect skin) .

17. Ice Pack: We travel with a small collapsible cooler for storing bottled water on our trips and just fill a Ziploc with ice every day to keep our drinks cold.

18. Foreign Currency: Use a Ziploc bag to hold your home currency while travelling, and for storing foreign currency at home between trips.

19. Wet Wipes: Wet washcloths and add some soapy water to have your own wet wipes on the go. The bag holds the water effortlessly and you can be use the cloth to wipe sticky fingers and lips or clean up a spill.

20. Food For The Fish: When snorkelling, grab a couple of rolls from the hotel buffet and throw them into a Ziploc bag. Once in the water you can keep the rolls from getting wet and mushy until you’re ready to feed the fish.

I’m sure you have ideas of how to use Ziploc bags when travelling – send us some of your tips and we’ll include them in a future list to share with everyone!

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