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Flight Underwear, TravelBloggers.ca

We spotted several interesting products while visiting this years’ Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto, and today we’d like to introduce you to one of them – a cool (pun intended) new product called Flight underwear.

When we first strolled up to their booth we didn’t get too excited – okay, just some guys selling bamboo underwear, no biggie, but when we found out that they’re a start-up from Vancouver we suggested they should go on Dragon’s Den.  Nothing they hadn’t already thought of apparently, and they told us they’d love to, but to be considered for a deal in the Den you have to have sales, so they’re trying to get that rolling by attending trade shows and getting the word out about their cool new product.

Flight Underwear, TravelBloggers.ca

Website: http://www.flightunderwear.com  // Facebook & Twitter: @FlightUnderwear

With that Gail said, “Okay then, give us your Dragon’s Den pitch!  What makes Flight special and how did you come up with the idea?”

The guys quickly made their pitch and told us that the idea actually came out of necessity – you see, these are not your normal underwear – they’re underwear with a safety feature!  As young men travelling abroad with not much more than a backpack, sleeping in hostels and never really having anywhere to lock up their goods they quickly found out that you need to keep your past port, cash and valuables VERY close.  The options available for that really didn’t suit their style so they invented Flight – premium bamboo travel underwear with a comfy, concealed zipper pocket that will even fit your passport – SIMPLY GENIUS!

After their quick product pitch we got into some of the nitty gritty details, but to start with we’ll share their main selling features:

  • Made from super soft bamboo
  • Bamboo is a moisture wicking, fast drying fibre, perfect for using in underwear
  • Bamboo is natural, soft and truly wicks the sweat away from your nether regions leaving you feeling dry (we’ll get to this in a minute)
  • Natural wick-away properties
  • The big bonus that Flight offers is the large, but not too large, zipped pocket to keep you valuables safe and free from pickpockets. The location is perfectly placed and easy to reach when you need to get money/credit card/passport or hotel pass key out.
  • Uni-Sex – while they’re designed for men, they say that lots of women are wearing them too because of their exceptional security features and comfort

Satisfied with their pitch and the answers we received were about to exit stage left, armed with some details for our readers about this cool new product.  As we wished the guys at Flight good luck we asked for their business card and told them we were travel bloggers and that we’d give them a shout-out on social media.  They stopped us in our tracks and asked what size I wore and invited me to try them out and see how I liked them.  With that, we arrive at this point where I’m finally sitting down to let you all know what me and my gentlemen’s parts think of Flight.

Flight Underwear, TravelBloggers.caSince we were off to Roatan Honduras for our first trip to Central America – I knew it would be hot and humid – the perfect opportunity to test Flight.

Leaving the freezing temperatures of what felt like the longest winter we’d ever experienced behind us, we arrived in Roatan where it was a lovely 32°C – and it only got hotter each day. The first couple of days didn’t give us very much humidity, but then it hit … 38° C with 90% humidity and it just so happened to be the day we were touring the island, time for an underwear test drive!

The Test…
I am thoroughly impressed by how comfortable they are – it’s like you’re not wearing any underwear, but you are cool and comfortable all day. With the humidity we were experiencing, I’d have been literally (okay I have to say it) sweating my balls off if I were wearing traditional underwear.  Heck, even the so-called wick-away underwear I’ve tried in the past I’ve found completely useless – actually thrown them out!  No matter what, I would definitely have been uncomfortable while sitting in the car or even at lunch in the restaurant, but the fact I didn’t have the slightest bit of discomfort was remarkable. When we got back to the resort I didn’t want to immediately rip off my underwear and have a cold shower. It’s the little things in life that you don’t think about that make a big impression. I told Gail right then and there that I couldn’t go back to cotton underwear and was going to have to replace all my underwear!  These are seriously and honestly the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned … and I’m not just saying that because they gave me a pair and asked me to test their product!

Naturally, since it would be important to know how quickly they dry after being washed, Gail did a pre-wash before I ever got to wear them.  As per the instructions they were washed and hung to dry in the laundry room.  The next day they were dry and ready to be worn, but this could be sped up if there was any sort of a breeze – we believe probably just a few hours.  Two thumbs up.

All too often products make promises that either fail or fall far short of expectations. Flight underwear is NOT one of those products. They keep you dry on the hottest, most humid days and they dry quickly so they can be used again the next day. They are not the slightest bit bulky, so they fit in your travel bags without taking up any room. These would be perfect for backpackers where space is at a premium. Reading other reviews on the Flight website, apparently women think they are comfortable to wear as well – great work guys!!

Available in Red, Blue, Black and Silver. Coming soon… ladies version.Also available on Amazon.ca & Amazon.com

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