Canada’s Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Show

So, we’ve been Tweeting about it for weeks and the time has finally come for us to share our experiences at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto.

As the biggest outdoor and travel adventure show in Canada, the Outdoor Adventure Show truly delivers endless travel inspiration … from camping and paddling through the Canadian wilderness to Caribbean destinations where you can chillax and unwind above and below the waves or bucket list destinations like Thailand and Nairobi where you become fully immersed in the wonders of nature and cultural experiences … the show truly has something to pique every travelers’ interest.

Boasting over 320 exhibitors and 100 presentations, the show will get you in the mood to start planning your next adventure … anywhere in the world!

Take the time to stroll through the well planned “Zones” (Adventure Travel Pavilion, Camping Showcase, Explore Canada, Health & Wellness, International Adventure Travel, Paddlers’ Paradise, Scuba & Caribbean Adventures, and USA Pavilion) at the show where you can chat to travel experts and gather information and resources for your next amazing getaway! [Learn more about what’s offered in each zone at the show via the official show website – just click “Zones” from the main menu and choose from the drop-down for additional detail.]

Be sure to take a break and get off your feet for a while at a “Seminar Theatre” of your choice (White Water Demo Pool, Adventures in Paddling Stage, Underwater Adventures Stage, Canada Adventures Stage and GAdventures Travel Theatre) where you’ll hear from seasoned adventure travelers and special guests as they share incredible stories of their journeys. [Click each preceding link to be led to a full schedule of events that take place at each stage daily throughout the show.]

Kids of all ages will enjoy the Outdoor Adventure Show, there’s a climbing wall where you can let them burn off some energy and feel the rush of adrenaline as they reach the summit, and the younger “Junior Outdoor Adventurers” will enjoy actively participating in a “Scavenger Hunt” to get their adventure passport stamped at various booths throughout the show. As a little added incentive, Junior Adventurers can then enter to win prizes from a long list of show sponsors (Check out the prizes here on the Junior Outdoor Adventurers page).

While you’ll receive a full-color Show Guide at the door, we suggest downloading one in advance to plan your day. A complete list of exhibitors is included in the guide, along with all scheduled presentations – Get your copy of the guide here so you don’t miss a thing!


We met a few stand-outs at the show, so we’d like to give some shout-outs. If you don’t have time to visit them at the show, be sure to check them out online, we think they’re worth your time.

Flight Underwear
This product is the brainchild of two young Canadian entrepreneurs who didn’t feel their valuables (cash, passport, credit cards, etc) were safe enough when lodging at hostels on their travels.
While the underwear is made for men, there’s nothing stopping them being comfy enough for women too. This genius little pair of underwear boasts the comfort and softness of bamboo and a secret zippered pocket to keep your valuables safe.
Learn more about Flight on their website and be sure to read the testimonials – we were shocked to read one of  the literally life-saving uses for Flight: FlightUnderwear.com
**Coming Soon** Iain’s review of Flight Underwear – so watch this space!

What in the world is GORP? Well apparently we must live under a rock, because we had no idea it stands for “Good Old Raisins (or in this case Raspberries) and Peanuts” … or as some call it … Trail Mix!
GORP is a clean energy bar – no fake sugars, preservatives, fillers, or colouring, no high fructose corn syrup or scary-sounding ingredients. They have a great protein count yet contain NO SOY!  …. YAY GORP!
GORP comes to us from the Canadian Prairies, lovingly developed by founders and whole food advocates Colleen and Grant who needed some clean energy to fuel Colleen on her triathlons.
Learn more about GORP, their line-up of clean energy bars and their NEW Energy Bar Mix that you can customize to your tastes and nutritional needs, AND best of all it SAVES you money!

Fiji Full-Face Snorkel Masks
The show was littered with booths selling full-face snorkel masks, and these caught our interest since our next destination is going to involve a LOT of time in the water.
To keep it brief, these things are pretty darn cool, and the show is a great place to get some hands-on time with them. Iain tried one on and learned about the benefits and we have to say, we’re seriously tempted!
While these kind of masks have been around for a while, prices are coming down, making them more accessible to the masses. Obviously there are various levels of product quality and features, but some noteworthy points are: a built-in Go-Pro camera mount, detachable snorkel for fold-flat travel, check-valve snorkel that mean you NEVER get water in your mouth and there’s no need to purge each time a wave hits or you surface from diving down, exceptional peripheral vision, separate breathing and eye chambers prevent the mask from fogging, full face coverage means your make-up doesn’t wash off ladies, you can breath through your mouth and/or nose, you can even chew gum which is important if you’re trying to dive down often (gum chewing can keep your ears from popping), and best of all, you can talk to your snorkel buddy … sound travels under water and you’ll actually be able to hear each other! How cool is that! It’s a great product for beginners and kids who may get a little freaked out or can’t get the coordination of mouth breathing down-pat.
For more information visit: MintysSurfShop.ca

Cablz is the next generation in eye-wear retention systems (a high-tech yet simple solution for glasses on a string). Perfect for just about anyone that wears glasses or sunglasses, but especially great for anyone fishing, boating, golfing, rock climbing, skiing, snowmobiling or enjoying the outdoors. Cablz not only keeps your eye-wear secure … it’s stylish! With super strong medical grade silicone rubber arm grips your glasses won’t come detached. The adjustable version of Cablz (and probably the most useful) are made with surgical grade steel and are quickly adjustable to be used at extended regular length or cinched to your head so they don’t fall off.
Won’t hang on your neck, soak up sweat, get dirty, stink, fray, snag on clothing or irritate your skin. We’d love to test-drive some Cablz but didn’t think to ask … maybe they’ll reach out to us for a product review after they see our shout-out here.
For more information visit: Cablz.ca

Pedal Pub
Coming soon to London Ontario is the Pedal Pub – Craft Brewery Tours powered by you.
While we did take time out to chat with the owner, the program is new and they didn’t have any specific information to provide us with at the time. We’re hoping they follow up with us in the near future.
In the meantime, for more details about the Pedal Pub check out the video launch of the program and article on London Free Press.
More information coming soon on their website – Tour The Shore

That’s all of our highlights for this year … there are simply WAY too many interesting vendors, tours and travel ideas to share. We hope this inspires you to get out and “See It! – Do It! – Live It!” … but first, visit the show for travel inspiration … there’s still a day and a half to go!

Looking for the Outdoor Adventure Show in your area?
For all the details visit their website: OutdoorAdventureShow.ca
Toronto, ON – February 23-25, 2018
Vancouver, BC – March 3-4, 2018
Calgary, AB – March 24-25, 2018
Montreal, Quebec – April 7-8, 2018

Photo Credits: Outdoor Adventure Show and their Vendors respectively.

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