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F1X2, © 2013, Gail Shankland

Formula One Two-Seater – F1X2 … Thrill of a Lifetime!

(Including Exclusive Interviews with Kevin Kalkhoven, Paul Stoddart, Zsolt Baumgartner, Patrick Friesacher and Claire Bourdais) By Gail Shankland  Ride of a lifetime … we’ve heard that expression used before with previous generations of Formula 1, Champ Car and IndyCar two-seaters, and to me it always sounded so cliché – so when I was asked to help promote the F1X2 (Formula 1 times 2) two-seater program (for the ChampCar World Series) I promised myself that I would find a more apt description for the experience. Unfortunately I have to admit that there really is no better way to sum it up … it is a thrill of a lifetime … every race junkie’s dream … something you’ll never forget. The Formula One Minardi team is the worlds’ only regularly running two-seater program being operated on a commercial basis. Before the Champ Car World Series (CCWS) and IndyCar merged, Team Minardi brought several of these machines to North American tracks in order to give fans an opportunity that they would never otherwise have had. CCWS didn’t hide …

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Cuvée 2013 Crushed It! (Niagara Wine Country’s Version Of The Academy Awards)

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2013, Cuvée is the annual celebration of outstanding Ontario VQA wines and culinary delights over an entire weekend (usually the end of February/beginning of March). The weekend long event started in the Fallsview Casino Resort on Friday night with the Grand Tasting Gala that featured the winemakers’ favourite wines, along with a select group of Niagara’s most renowned chefs treating everyone to sampling plates of their signature dishes – created at live cooking stations. With more than 40 of Ontario’s wineries taking part along with a number of local restaurants it was an evening of intoxicating aromas and delights to the taste buds.