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Flying with Fido or Fluffy

If you’re like us, it’s always a little heart-breaking when you leave your pet behind for vacation. Let’s face it, we all know the big sad eyes and looks of despair that wash over our dog’s face when we start packing the suitcase. Case in point ————————> Taking your dog or cat along on the family road trip is one thing, but flying with your furry family is another. Your decision should not be taken lightly. So considering the following and do lots of research before deciding to put pups on a plane. PAPERWORK You’ll need to get your pet certified. That’s right, you’ll need to obtain a certificate of current health from your veterinarian within 10 days of your trip. It’s required by airlines if you want to travel with a pet. You may even be required to have a passport for your pet – so be sure to check the details, not only with your carrier, but with your destination. SIZE & BREED MATTERS Whether your pet is allowed to travel depends on …

UPDATE: LugLess – Travel Without The Baggage

About a year ago we stumbled across a little start-up company called LugLess on the TV Show, Shark Tank. Though none of the Sharks took the bait and LugLess left the tank without an offer, they caught our attention. We were intrigued by their concept of travelling without baggage to avoid the increasing hassles of air travel and the exorbitant fees for over-weight and over-sized suitcases, extra bags or bags not included fares (you can find our original article here  “LugLess” on your next trip when you travel without the baggage!). Since our original article, LugLess has received many accolades for their innovative service, but most noteworthy, they’ve been voted one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies of  2014 in the Travel and Transportation category. Take that Sharks! As a bit of follow up, LugLess provided us with some interesting details on their progress

Our Top Ten Packing Tips For 2013

Have a packing list – that will pretty much eliminate any chance of forgetting something. Leave your list inside your suitcase when you get home and empty it (that will save you time every time you travel!). Roll your clothes – it helps eliminate wrinkles and actually saves space in your suitcase Use plastic reusable bags for liquids in your suitcase (you just never know when a bottle will leak) and smaller items like socks and underwear (that way if your case is opened for a search it’s less likely any of your items will fly all over the airport floor).