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UPDATE: LugLess – Travel Without The Baggage

Packet LogoAbout a year ago we stumbled across a little start-up company called LugLess on the TV Show, Shark Tank. Though none of the Sharks took the bait and LugLess left the tank without an offer, they caught our attention. We were intrigued by their concept of travelling without baggage to avoid the increasing hassles of air travel and the exorbitant fees for over-weight and over-sized suitcases, extra bags or bags not included fares (you can find our original article here  “LugLess” on your next trip when you travel without the baggage!).

Since our original article, LugLess has received many accolades for their innovative service, but most noteworthy, they’ve been voted one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies of  2014 in the Travel and Transportation category. Take that Sharks!

As a bit of follow up, LugLess provided us with some interesting details on their progress and improvements they’ve made to their service, which include:

  • Improvements in technology have made it possible to automate more of their systems, making it quicker easier for new customers to sign-up
  • New and improved luggage tags are now much easier to use and have a life-long guarantee
  • Currently offering pick-up, shipping, tracking and delivery of baggage, boxes, golf clubs, bicycles, skis and snowboards and more throughout the U.S.A. and in more than 200 countries
  • With more experience under their belt they’re offering service to many more countries and have greatly increased their expertise in shipping to remote locations including handling more complicated and involved customs processes in remote locations
  • With success comes expansion – LugLess has expanded their operation, have hired additional staff and are servicing more customers than ever

Learn more about LugLess on their website LugLess.com and follow them on Facebook for news and special offers.

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