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Worried About The World-Wide Luggage Problem At Airports? There Is An Alternative

(This post contains affiliate links.  Click here to see what that means.) We’ve all seen the nightmare pictures of luggage piled up at airports and sometimes even train stations. People flying to one destination while their luggage goes in the opposite direction. Flying is stressful enough without having to deal with wayward luggage that may or may not arrive at your destination, before you’re heading back home wearing the same clothes you started with on your holiday – last week.

21 Travel Uses for Ziploc Bags

Travelling without Ziploc bags is like travelling without a passport. We use the large heavy-duty Freezer bags and the smaller sandwich bags. Note: Ziploc did NOT pay us for this article :>) The first thing I do is sort our daily vitamins and prescriptions into morning and afternoon containers, then put them all together inside a large Ziploc bag. I know when I have a headache I just have to go to one spot in my suitcase to grab a couple of Tylenols. We carry a few Ziploc bags when we travel, too. Here are 20 more travel uses for Ziplocs that you might find handy on your next trip – I’m sure you can add to this list… Please feel free to send us your tips. 1. Women’s Intimates: My wife packs all her underwear in a Ziploc or two. It makes it a lot easier when/if the customs people decide to open your suitcase and rummage through it – no tell-tale underwear dropping out for all to see! Also great for keeping socks …