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Beat Jet Lag the Way Elite Athletes Do -Twice As Fast With HumanCharger

HELSINKI, May 27, 2015 /CNW/ – Every global traveler knows how jet lag feels. It kills productivity. Jet lag is the sleepy mid-day meeting when it’s difficult to keep focused, and it’s waking up at the wrong time in a hotel room, not able to re-charge. Jet lag is getting back home a week later, not able to be a great company and partner with friends and family, or to perform at work. HumanCharger (, the revolutionary new travel companion spells the end for jet lag by helping travelers make softer landings to new time zones – twice as fast.

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Four Seasons Private Jet – The Hotel Industry’s First Fully-Branded Jet Experience

What would you do if you won the lottery…or you just happened to have a few $ / € / £ lying around? How about this for your next vacation – perhaps something to aspire to enjoy…. TORONTO, April 23, 2015 /CNW/ — Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the world leader in luxury hospitality and service, unveils the new Four Seasons Private Jet – marking the establishment of a new standard in luxury hospitality experiences. The culmination of a vision to deliver a fully immersive Four Seasons Private Jet Experience both in the air and on the ground, every element of the private jet journey has been re-imagined and designed through the Four Seasons lens to capture the company’s signature aesthetic, style and legendary service in the sky.

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Naked Filter – Clean Water For Everybody

Water is the single most important thing we humans need – other than clean air of course. Unfortunately too many people take it for granted. For example the last time you went through airport security going to or from the U.S. – how many huge garbage pails did you see that were full of peoples confiscated water bottles, most of them full? What a complete waste of water – and money! And what are just about every one of those people going to do when they’re done being frisked and molested? They’re going to go and buy extremely over-priced bottled water – in the ‘safe area” of the airport. There has to be a better way… and there is. But it’s not just a better and cheaper way – it’s revolutionary in its design and application.,, @TravelBloggerz – Website Offers More Affordable Travel For Canadians

DiscountMyFlights’ New Site Delivers a One-Stop Source for Flights On-line CALGARY, April 7, 2015 /CNW/ – DiscountMyFlights has launched a website specializing in aggregating fares for flights online. The company launched the site to achieve its mission of making travel more affordable for Canadians. Canadians can now easily find the best deal on airfare through The site allows customers to easily compare fares from various sources with the click of a button., WestJet

WestJet announces SmartSeats

Airline introduces new boarding concept CALGARY, April 1, 2015 /CNW/ –WestJet today announced SmartSeats, a new concept in boarding its aircraft that could change the way people fly. The SmartSeats concept is simple; the seats in the lounge are the seats on the aircraft. Guests ride the SmartSeats directly between the boarding lounge and the plane. The SmartSeats project team created a brief video now available on WestJet’s YouTube channel and Facebook page to assist in explaining the concept.

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Same Country, Different Destinations – Comparing Canadian and International Travel Habits

TORONTO, March 11, 2015 /CNW/ – Less flash and more function best describes Canadians’ travel habits when exploring their own country, according to the latest™ Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™), Although Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver reigned supreme for domestic travellers and international visitors alike, smaller cities like Kelowna and Kingston were also included in the Top 20 Most Popular Destinations for Canucks. International visitors were much more inclined

Who’s Afraid of the “Big Bad Wolf?”

Each year millions of dollars are spent as people purchase a calendar for the coming year. No doubt you too have browsed through the hundreds of calendars on display at your local mall – many with beautiful photos that we all wish we could personally capture. Old or young, everyone loves at least one type of animal, and for many the wolf stands strong at the top of their list – they’re majestic and feared, but captivating and mysterious. Over the years we’ve been drawn to beautiful images of wolves hanging in art store windows or being sold in calendars. Through the wonders of the internet we began to realize that so many of the beautiful images we loved were captured

E Komo Mai (welcome) Aboard WestJet’s Winter Service to Hawaii

Seats available for airline’s first wide-body winter service to Hawaii CALGARY, March 4, 2015 /CNW/ – On Wednesday WestJet announced flights between Alberta and Hawaii beginning in December are available for booking on its newly-acquired Boeing 767 wide-body aircraft. The 767 – the first in the WestJet fleet, will operate between Calgary and Honolulu; Calgary and Maui, and between Edmonton and Maui.