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Key West – The Most Southerly Point Of North America

Key Largo, Key West, © 2013 Iain & Gail Shankland / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com

Key Largo, Key West, © 2013 Iain & Gail Shankland  / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com

So do we turn left…

and return to the mainland or turn right and drive to within 90 miles of Cuba?

Our plans for our Florida vacation didn’t include a visit to Key West – we thought it would be just a little too far and take too long to get there. Our original destination was Key Largo where we swam with the dolphins at Dolphins Plus, but when we were leaving we had a decision to make…two choices: head back to mainland Florida, or drive through the Florida Keys to see how far south we could go before running out of daylight.

© 2013 ~ Iain & Gail Shankland / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com

Approximately two-and-a-half hours after leaving Key Largo, we arrived at the most southerly point of America in Key West – and were very glad we made the trip! Although we didn’t make any stops along the way from Key Largo to Key West, the scenery was beautiful and I’m sure there’s plenty more to enjoy if you have the time.

© 2013 Iain & Gail Shankland  / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com

The  afternoon was spent wandering through the streets of Key West and browsing in shops, feeling more like we were o­n a lush tropical island than in America/Florida. The streets are cramped and parking is at a premium, so many tourists choose to roam the streets o­n scooters or fancy golf carts done over to look like regular vehicles. (TIP: If you can find a parking lot, pay the $10 or so and park there. It’s not worth the hassle or time driving around narrow streets looking for street parking).

© 2013 ~ Iain & Gail Shankland / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com

After covering most of the town by foot, we relaxed with a Happy Hour drink or two, had a bite to eat (along with the free-range roosters, chickens and chicks that wander through the streets and restaurants), and made our way to Mallory Square for the famous Sunset Celebration with plenty of time to spare.

© 2013 ~ Iain & Gail Shankland  / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com© 2013 ~ Iain & Gail Shankland / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com

While the sunset was somewhat mediocre the night , but the street performers were fantastic and we were happy to support the arts with a few donations along the way. Vendors and street performers are in the square every night – such an enjoyable way to end a day, relaxing at the bottom of the continent

With only one road in and one road out, you can’t get lost heading back to Miami, so don’t be afraid to make the trip!

(For more tourist information check out www.fla-keys.com).

© 2013 ~ Iain & Gail Shankland / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com

© 2013  Iain & Gail Shankland  / TravelBloggers.ca@gmail.com

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