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Ziploc Travel Cubes – The Latest Travel Packing Trend

A while back we did an article covering Packing Tips and another on Uses for Ziploc Bags. Just recently though, we’ve discovered Ziploc Travel Cubes/Space Bags and wanted to fill you in on what’s trending in the world of travel. At first glance we weren’t sold on the idea of over-sized Ziploc bags that you suck the air out of with a vacuum … because who’s going to have a vacuum on hand for the return trip? However, Gail spotted a great travel-related video on one of her favourite YouTube channels

21 Travel Uses for Ziploc Bags

Travelling without Ziploc bags is like travelling without a passport. We use the large heavy-duty Freezer bags and the smaller sandwich bags. Note: Ziploc did NOT pay us for this article :>) The first thing I do is sort our daily vitamins and prescriptions into morning and afternoon containers, then put them all together inside a large Ziploc bag. I know when I have a headache I just have to go to one spot in my suitcase to grab a couple of Tylenols. We carry a few Ziploc bags when we travel, too. Here are 20 more travel uses for Ziplocs that you might find handy on your next trip – I’m sure you can add to this list… Please feel free to send us your tips. 1. Women’s Intimates: My wife packs all her underwear in a Ziploc or two. It makes it a lot easier when/if the customs people decide to open your suitcase and rummage through it – no tell-tale underwear dropping out for all to see! Also great for keeping socks …