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Ziploc Travel Cubes – The Latest Travel Packing Trend

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travelbloggers.ca, ziploc space bagA while back we did an article covering Packing Tips and another on Uses for Ziploc Bags. Just recently though, we’ve discovered Ziploc Travel Cubes/Space Bags and wanted to fill you in on what’s trending in the world of travel.
At first glance we weren’t sold on the idea of over-sized Ziploc bags that you suck the air out of with a vacuum … because who’s going to have a vacuum on hand for the return trip? However, Gail spotted a great travel-related video on one of her favourite YouTube channels by cleaning guru, Melissa Maker – Clean My Space.

We were glad we watched this video, and have to say we’ll definitely be using Travel Cubes in the future … just think about the extra space you’ll have for souvenirs … or maybe you won’t even need to check your bag if you tend to travel light anyway. We think the BEST idea is for using them on the return trip to keep your dirty laundry and the odours separate from your clean clothes!

Check out the video here …


Note: Ziploc did NOT pay us for this article.

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